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7 questions to ask fertility clinics before egg donation treatment

If you are reading this article, you are probably in the process of choosing a clinic for your fertility treatment, and may have already contacted a few IVF clinics. If so, you will already know that fertility clinics comparison may be difficult.

How to easily compare Egg Donation Program offers received from IVF clinics?

  1. Ask the fertility clinics the right questions. (see below)
  2. Ask the same questions to all the fertility clinics.
  3. Make sure the IVF clinics answer ALL the questions.
Questions to ask fertility clinic

E-mail the questions to the clinic or ask them during initial consultation

What questions should you ask your chosen IVF clinics?

1. What is the clinic’s IVF success rate? What does it mean? How is it measured?

Ask the fertility clinic if their egg donor success rates refer to:

  • Only one or a number of IVF cycles (e.g. cumulative indicators of 2-3 IVF attempts)
  • Clinical pregnancy – 6 week
  • Clinical pregnancy – 12 week
  • Take home baby – “live birth”

The evaluation of IVF treatment success is extremely difficult, especially when comparing one fertility clinic to another. For more information, go to the article on egg donation treatment success rates prepared by EggDonationFriends experts.

2. How many donors’ oocytes will I receive during IVF program with donor eggs?

3. Does the clinic offer a guaranteed minimum number of received oocytes?

Clinics often guarantee a minimum number of oocytes the recipient receives. Important: if the IVF clinic offers “all oocytes from the donor”, common practice in IVF clinics in Spain, ask for more details.

  • Ask the fertility clinic what happens if only 3-4 oocytes are retrieved from the donor.
  • Find out more about the average number of oocytes received from donor.

4. Does the clinic offer a guarantee in terms of the number of obtained embryos?

5. Does the embryo guarantee depend on factors such as partner’s sperm quality? If so, what are conditions?

6. What happens if the IVF treatment program fails? Will I get a refund if:

  • there are no oocytes for fertilization
  • there are too few oocytes (fewer than the required minimum the clinic offers)
  • there was no embryo transfer, in spite of the fertilization of the right number of oocytes
  • the number of embryos is fewer than it was guaranteed.

Find out EggDonationFriends’ tips on what to do when IVF with donor eggs fails. 

7. What is the total estimated cost of a single egg donation program, including appointments, required oocyte lab tests, IVF lab procedures, embryo transfer and prescribed medications.

Aside from the questions above, ask about the treatment plan. What is the optimal plan? Ask the fertility clinic or a fertility specialist how many visits you will need, how much time you should spend at the IVF clinic abroad, when you need to come with your partner, and when you can come on your own. Also check what medical tests you can do in your home country and what tests should be done at the fertility clinic abroad. Finally, ask if you have to pay the whole amount upfront or if there is a a payment plan, according to the stages of egg donation treatment. And first and foremost, do not be afraid to ask!

If you want to know more about egg donation process, risks and options, we recommend reading Complete Egg Donation Guide.