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IVF and Egg Donation Abroad – 9 Most Popular Destinations in 2024

Where to go for donor eggs IVF?

What are the most popular Egg Donation Abroad destinations for donor egg IVF treatment – Spain or maybe the Czech Republic or Portugal? Or maybe Greece, Poland or Ukraine?

How can you compare the different destinations and overseas IVF clinics – based on price, treatment quality, or success rates? How many eggs are guaranteed and is that it really important? What are the cheapest countries for IVF? Let us help you with these questions. These questions are addressed below.

Increasing numbers of international patients are considering undergoing high-quality and successful fertility treatments at overseas clinics and fulfilling their dreams of having a baby.

9 Most Popular Countries for Egg Donation IVF in 2024

  1. Spain
    Chosen by over 44% of patients.
  2. Greece
    Chosen by over 20% of patients.
  3. Czech Republic
    Chosen by around 14% of patients.
  4. North Cyprus
    Chosen by around 11% of patients.
  5. Portugal
    Chosen by around 2.5% of patients.
  6. Latvia
    Chosen by less than 2% of patients.
  7. Estonia
    Chosen by less than 2% of patients.
  8. Poland
    Chosen by less than 2% of patients.
  9. Denmark
    Chosen by less than 2% of patients.

*The list above is based on more than 8,000 unique patients inquiries sent through our websites in 2023. Russia and Ukraine are not included they are difficult to reach by international patients.

The vast majority of them are patients who travel overseas to undergo IVF or IVF with donor eggs. Below you will find the information you should take into consideration when choosing the Country and clinic in which you will undergo treatment.

Why do patients travel abroad to undergo IVF with donor eggs?

  • The national law restricts access to egg donors and egg donation programmes
  • The age limit of egg recipient can be higher in countries abroad – offering treatment even for patients at the age of 55
  • Types of egg donor IVF arrangements. Many patients search for IVF clinics abroad because of non-anonymous egg donation policies and practices in their home country
  • The high costs of IVF, IVF ICSI or IVF with donor eggs in their home country
  • Fertility clinics abroad offer high-quality treatment and achieve higher IVF success rates

IVF Abroad – Countries Comparison

IVF law restriction comparison
IVF countryAge limit for patientSingle womanLesbian couples
IVF Spain50 (some clinics may support patients up to 52)YesYes (ROPA)
IVF Portugal49 (+364 days)YesYes
IVF Czech Republic48 plus 12 monthsNoNo
IVF Greece54 (over 50 additional qualification is required)yesYes (only if they are treated as a single woman - a notary statement is needed)
IVF North Cyprus58 (over the age of 55, the approval of the ethics committee is required, over 45 - the Ministry Of Health approval is required)YesYes
IVF UkraineNo limit (not specified by legislation, decided by each clinic individually)YesNo
IVF PolandNo limit (not specified by legislation, decided by each clinic individually)NoNo
IVF Russia51 (some clinics may treat older woman at their own risk)YesNo
IVF LatviaNo limit (not specified by legislation, decided by each clinic individually)YesYes (only if they are treated as a single woman)
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IVF with donor eggs abroad – which country shall I choose?

Countries with the greatest number of egg donor programs and which are the most popular destinations according to international patients. Based on patients inquiries at eggdonationfriends.com and other websites – in 2023.

As we can see Spain remains the number one choice for patients looking for an IVF abroad – 44% inquiries were generated for Spain as a destination country. Greece gained a popularity and around 20% of patients declared that Greece was their first choice country for an IVF. Czech Republic have been chosen by 14% of patients which is similar to previous years. There are around 11% of patients who choose North Cyprus as their IVF destination.

Egg Donation Abroad Popular Destinations
Egg donation abroad – top destinations.
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Should I be aware of treatment quality and customer care levels abroad?

No, not at all. International clinics provide high levels of treatment and customer care. Patients from abroad often constitute up to 50% of all patients. Fertility clinics abroad offer various additional services such as transfers to and from the airport, online/skype consultations, travel and accommodation, bespoke personal services and so on.

IVF clinics in Europe – the list of additional services
Services for IVF abroad patients

The choice of the destination depends mostly on personal preference in addition to legal restrictions on donor egg use, donor matching processes and the cost of egg donor IVF as these can all vary country by country. If you are considering undergoing egg donation in Europe, what you should pay attention to?

Professional IVF centres from various countries offer fertility treatments for international patients. Below you can find a list of the most popular destinations which allow for IVF treatment using eggs from an anonymous donor.

Choosing an Egg Donor Abroad

In most countries (e.g. Poland, Greece, the Czech Republic or Spain) the selection of egg donors is based on a phenotype matching with the recipient. This means a donor resembles the recipient in terms of eye, hair and skin colour wherever possible. These rules stem from legal requirements. This also means that in these countries patients will not be able to select “any donor”. In other countries (e.g. in Ukraine), a patient can choose a donor who looks similar to the recipient or otherwise.

According to international medical associations (ESHRE, ASRM), selecting an egg donor who shares some characteristics with a recipient is recommended -“phenotype matching”. This resemblance should at least cover the colour of hair, eyes and skin, height and a blood type.

Anonymous vs. Non-anonymous Egg Donors

Information shared with the recipient about the egg donor

Various clinics grant access to different amounts and types of information about an egg donor. For some patients, this may be an important factor affecting their choice of destination or an overseas IVF clinic. In Ukraine, Russia and the United States, in addition to donor’s standard features (height, weight, and hair colour), patients will get additional information including the donor’s adult/childhood photos and others. If you look for the non-anonymous egg donation cycle where they are non-anonymous because of the law – Portugal, USA and the UK are the best choices. As you can find extended  information about the egg donors in Russia and Ukraine – they are still anonymous in terms of possibilities of contacting the donor.

The Donor’s Race

In Ukraine, Russia and Poland IVF clinic databases are dominated by egg donors of Caucasian origin. If you are looking for a donor with darker skin, your natural choice would be IVF centres from Spain, Cyprus or Greece. African-American or Afro-Caribbean donors are most often available in the USA or Barbados.

The number of guaranteed eggs that you will receive from the donor

The number of oocytes received from a donor varies from clinic to clinic. It is a generally accepted practice that you should receive at least 6 eggs, that may result in 2 embryos, on condition that your partner’s sperm parameters are satisfactory. Some overseas IVF clinics offer all donor eggs no matter how many eggs have been retrieved (so-called exclusive donor).

Please bear in mind, however, that it is not the number of oocytes, but their quality that matters in determining how successful the egg donation program would be.

IVF with Frozen Eggs at Overseas Clinics

Before you visit a clinic abroad, check out whether the IVF centre uses frozen or fresh eggs. In the case of frozen eggs, most overseas IVF clinics offer 6-10 oocytes. Crucially, this number usually refers to frozen eggs – such oocytes need to be thawed first – before fertilisation. Statistically, approximately 50-80% oocytes are successfully thawed, and this means that the number of eggs intended for fertilisation will be smaller. Please ask the IVF clinic about the oocytes survival rates – as it may vary from clinic to clinic. That will let you estimate the number of oocytes that will be ready for fertilisation.

Your age – the maximum age of an egg recipient

In most countries, the law limits the maximum age for IVF (recipients) to 49 or 50. For egg recipients who are 50 and older, there are only a very few available destinations including North Cyprus, Ukraine, Latvia, Russia (in Europe) and the USA.

IVF Clinics for Patients over 40

In Europe, there are no restrictions on the treatment of patients over 40 years of age. Legal restrictions start at the age of 49-50. If you are between 40 and 49 years old, you can easily find a clinic that will legally treat patients using IVF techniques.

IVF Clinics for Patients over 50

If you are looking for an IVF clinic for patients over 50, your treatment options may be limited. Below you will find a list of countries that allow the treatment of patients over 50 years of age. Treatment options for patients over the age of 50 do not always follow the law. In some countries, clinics themselves decide whether to treat, for example, a patient aged 55. In this case, clinics usually require, among others: additional tests and a certificate from a gynaecologist that there are no contraindications for pregnancy.

  • IVF in Spain – there is an agreed limit of 50 years old, however, there are few clinics in Spain supporting patients up to 52 years old
  • IVF in Greece – there is an age limit of 54 years old
  • IVF in North Cyprus – over the age of 55 – up to 58, the approval of the ethics committee is required, over 45 – the Ministry Of Health approval is required – IVF clinics organize the process
  • IVF in Ukraine – no limit – not specified by legislation, decided by each
    clinic individually – most of the clinics set up the limit at 52-55 years old
  • IVF in Latvia – no limit not specified by legislation, decided by each clinic individually
  • IVF in Russia – there is a limit set to 51 years old however IVF clinics may treat older patients at their own risk, there are clinics offering IVF treatment for patients up to 55 years old
  • IVF Poland – no limit not specified by legislation, decided by each clinic individually – most of the clinics won’t treat women over 52 years old

IVF with donor eggs abroad for married couples and single woman

If you have a husband or a partner, the egg donor IVF programme is open to you in any country of your choice. However, if you are single, the list of overseas clinics that offer IVF or IVF with donor eggs is narrowed down to:

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IVF with egg donation programs for lesbian and same-sex couples

If you are interested in undergoing IVF with donor eggs for same-sex couples, your choice of overseas destinations will be limited to:

Same-sex couples and single woman IVF treatment is not allowed in:

  • Czech Republic
  • Poland

IVF abroad – costs

Fertility treatment costs vary from country to country but you shouldn’t assume high costs necessarily mean better care services and higher success rates.

Read more about Egg donation success rates.

The most popular destinations chosen by patients from all over the world offer safe fertility treatment and high success rates of IVF with donor eggs. IVF cost abroad is usually lower than in the home country – and this is one of the reasons patients are travelling for an IVF treatment.

The average cost of an IVF donor egg cycle in countries that are most often chosen by international patients

The cost of IVF treatment abroad also varies between clinics in a given country. The differences in treatment costs can be significant. They may result from many factors, e.g. the services that the egg donation program includes, e.g. the number of eggs from the donor, additional techniques performed in an in vitro laboratory, guarantees or other. In every country you will find clinics that are very cheap and those that are very expensive. Our recommendation is to focus on the average priced clinics.

IVF cost abroad per country
Egg donation abroad costs – based on IVF ABROAD PATIENT’S GUIDE. Version 3, 2020.
IVF with donor eggs - cost comparison
Egg Donation IVF in Spain€5,900 – €11,000
Egg Donation IVF in Czech Republic€4,500 – €8,000
Egg Donation IVF in North Cyprus€4,500 – €6,000
Egg Donation IVF in Greece€5,000 – €8,000
Egg Donation IVF in Ukraine€4,000 – €7,000
Egg Donation IVF in Latvia€5,000 – €8,000
Egg Donation IVF in Portugal€6,000 - €8,000
Egg Donation IVF in Russia€3,800 – €7,000
Egg Donation IVF in Poland€4,000 – €6,000
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Country comparison for patients who need egg donation abroad

For international patients who are planning to undergo egg donation abroad, eggdonationfriends.com have specially prepared a detailed comparison of the most popular destinations. Below you can find countries which offer full anonymity and infertility treatment safety.

The most often chosen destinations for IVF egg donation abroad based on the patient’s country of residence:

Patient’s home countryThe most often chosen destinationsOther frequently chosen destinations
UKSpain, Czech Republic, CyprusGreece, Ukraine, Russia
IrelandCzech Republic, SpainCyprus, Greece
AustraliaUSA, Czech RepublicUkraine, Greece
Germany / Austria / SwitzerlandCzech Republic, Spain, PortugalUkraine, Cyprus, Greece, Portugal
Netherlands / BelgiumSpain, Czech RepublicCyprus, Greece
NorwayUkraine, LatviaCyprus, Greece
SwedenCzech Republic, Russia, UkrainePoland, Cyprus, Greece
FinlandLatvia, Russia, Ukraine Czech Republic
ItalySpain, Czech RepublicItaly, Portugal, Cyprus, Greece
FranceSpain, Czech RepublicCyprus, Greece
SpainSpain, Portugal
PolandCzech Republic, Latvia, PolandSpain, Greece
RussiaUkraine, Latvia, SpainSpain, Czech Republic, Poland
CanadaSpain, Czech Republic, UkraineCyprus, Greece

Estonia, country of choice for many Scandinavians and Baltic region residents for fertility travel should be added to the list of popular destinations for IVF in Europe. If you wonder why this should be so, you should know that there are many egg donors available and the clinics’ high standards speak up for themselves. Quality of the treatments have their price and you are looking at 3,000 Euro charge for treatment with own eggs and between 5,000 to 6,000 Euro with donated ones.

The other destination for patients from the U.S. to consider is Mexico. Our opinion is based on the number of positive patient reviews we receive from the U.S. and specific follow up investigations we have undertaken. So, why would anybody choose Mexico for treatment? One of the main reasons is logistics – it is simply more convenient to fly to Mexico rather than Europe; however the second reason is the price range which is on average 50 to 60% lower than in any U.S. clinic.

If you need help choosing an IVF Clinic Abroad
Spare 3 minutes of your time. You will save at least a few hours.

If you are looking for an egg donation clinic abroad, use the eggdonationfriends unique patients tool – Clinic Matching Test. Our consultants will analyse your needs and choose 3 overseas clinics which match your expectations. Our database of IVF centres includes only trusted fertility clinics which have experience in providing high quality services to international patients. The suggested IVF centres will contact you directly within 3 working days. Spare 3 minutes of your time – you will save at least a few hours! Our assistance is free of charge.

Fertility Forums and Support Communities

When searching for overseas clinics many international patients access resources that are available on the Internet. You can visit national or international infertility support communities to check out reviews and comments. Here are a few:

You are welcome to visit eggdonationfriends.com a site that is used by international patients who search for trusted overseas clinics offering successful donor egg IVF programs. The site gives insights into top IVF clinics abroad and you will also find reviews written by international patients. For those who are starting their infertility journey we highly recommend visiting the egg donation FAQ section where you will find lots of content regarding the egg donation process and legal aspects. For those who have undergone a few IVF procedures and are still struggling to have a baby, we suggest looking at IVF Webinars – the IVF topic orientated videos by top IVF experts.

IVF abroad – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why do people seek IVF with donor eggs abroad?

Many individuals and couples seek IVF with donor eggs abroad for several compelling reasons, including cost, availability, legal regulations, and access to advanced medical technologies.

One of the primary motivations is the significant cost savings. In many countries, the cost of fertility treatments can be prohibitively expensive. However, countries in Europe and other parts of the world often offer the same high-quality treatments at a fraction of the cost, making it an attractive option for those facing financial constraints. This affordability does not come at the expense of quality, as many international clinics maintain high standards of care and use the latest technologies.

Another critical factor is the shorter waiting times for donor eggs. In some countries, the demand for donor eggs far exceeds the supply, leading to long waiting lists. Clinics abroad, especially in popular IVF destinations, typically have shorter or no waiting times due to a larger pool of egg donors. This allows patients to begin their treatment more quickly, which is particularly important for those who may be facing age-related fertility challenges.

Legal regulations also play a significant role in why people seek IVF with donor eggs abroad. Different countries have varying laws regarding egg donation, with some countries imposing strict limitations on who can donate and receive donor eggs. For example, in some places, anonymity of the donor is mandated, while in others, it is prohibited. By going abroad, patients can choose countries with legal frameworks that align with their preferences and needs, whether they prioritize donor anonymity or openness.

What should I consider when choosing a country for IVF and egg donation?

Firstly, the cost of treatment is a major factor. IVF and egg donation can be expensive, and prices vary significantly from one country to another. Some countries offer high-quality medical services at much lower prices than others. It’s essential to consider your budget and compare not only the cost of the medical procedures but also the expenses related to travel, accommodation, and any additional services you might need during your stay.

Legal regulations are another crucial aspect to consider. Each country has its own legal framework governing IVF and egg donation, including who can donate eggs, who can receive them, and whether donor anonymity is maintained. Some countries have strict regulations that might limit your options, while others have more flexible laws that could better suit your needs. For instance, if you prefer an anonymous donor, you should choose a country where this is legally permitted. Conversely, if you want your future child to have the option of knowing their donor, select a country that allows non-anonymous donations.

Availability of egg donors is another important consideration. In some countries, there may be longer waiting times for donor eggs due to lower availability. It’s beneficial to choose a country with a robust egg donation program and a large pool of donors, which can reduce waiting times and increase your chances of finding a suitable match quickly.

What should I expect during my stay in a foreign country for treatment?

When you arrive for IVF treatment in a foreign country, your journey typically begins with an initial consultation. This involves a detailed review of your medical history and previous fertility treatments. You’ll undergo necessary tests, such as blood tests and ultrasounds, to prepare for the IVF process.

The treatment itself involves several stages. Initially, you’ll start with ovarian stimulation (if it’s an IVF with own eggs cycle), requiring daily hormone injections for about 10-14 days. During this period, you will have frequent monitoring appointments to track your progress through ultrasounds and blood tests. Once your eggs are ready, they will be retrieved through a minor surgical procedure, which is usually quick and performed under light sedation. Many clinics may manage the whole process externally so you would be able to get back home, and travell to the clinic again just before an embryo transfer day.

After egg retrieval, the fertilization process takes place in the lab. Depending on the specific protocol, you may need to stay for the embryo transfer, which typically happens a few days after fertilization. During this waiting period, you can often take some time to relax or explore the local area.

Communication with your medical team will be ongoing, ensuring you are well-informed and comfortable throughout the process. Many clinics offer additional support services, such as counseling, to help you manage the emotional aspects of treatment.

How do I handle language barriers when seeking treatment abroad?

Language barriers are a common concern for patients seeking IVF treatment abroad, but most top IVF clinics are well-prepared to address this issue. Typically, leading clinics are equipped to support multiple languages, ensuring that communication is smooth and clear.

Most reputable IVF clinics have multilingual staff who can speak English, German, Italian, French, and often other languages. This multilingual capability is designed to cater to the diverse needs of international patients, making the treatment process more accessible and comfortable. When researching potential clinics, you can usually find information on their website about the languages they support. Many clinics explicitly mention their language capabilities to assure international patients that they will be understood and can communicate effectively.

Are there any risks associated with traveling for IVF and egg donation?

One of the primary risks involves the legal aspects of egg donation. Different countries have varying regulations regarding egg donation, including whether donors can remain anonymous or must be identifiable. It’s crucial to understand the legal framework of the country where you plan to undergo treatment. Some countries allow only anonymous donations, meaning that the identity of the donor will never be disclosed to the recipient or the resulting child. This can be appealing for those who prefer privacy and clear boundaries, but it also means that the child will never have the opportunity to know their genetic origins.

In contrast, some countries mandate non-anonymous egg donation (Portugal, Denmark), where donors’ identities can be disclosed to the recipient and potentially to the child once they reach a certain age. This can be beneficial for those who want their child to have the option of knowing their genetic background, but it also introduces complexities in terms of privacy and future relationships.

Understanding these legal distinctions is essential to making an informed decision. You should research and consult with legal experts or fertility specialists in both your home country and the country where you plan to receive treatment to ensure that you fully understand the implications of the legal environment. Misunderstanding these laws can lead to unexpected complications, such as difficulties in obtaining legal parenthood status in your home country or issues related to donor rights.

What is the best IVF clinic in Europe?

The best IVF clinic in Europe is the one that will meet your expectations, giving you professional treatment options within your budget. In each of the popular IVF countries, you will find clinics that have both broad experience and great medical teams. There is no “best IVF clinic” for all patients. Each patient has different expectations and a different medical situation – that is why choosing an IVF clinic is a very individual matter. What does the term “best IVF clinic” mean? Most patients, when using this term, mean the clinic that will enable them to have children. However, remember that IVF treatment is not 100% effective – but in good clinics, a failed IVF cycle is treated as a diagnostic stage from which conclusions can be drawn for the future.

Which country is best for IVF?

The best country for IVF is the one where you can undergo IVF treatment legally and, at the same time, the one that meets your budget expectations in terms of treatment, travel and accommodation costs.

Different countries regulate IVF treatment options differently – therefore not all patients can benefit from the treatment in all popular countries. In particular, pay attention to the maximum age of the patient who can be treated with IVF methods and the patient’s marital status. There are restrictions in this regard in various countries and there may be different possibilities for married couples, single woman or lesbian couples. The budget is also an important aspect as the costs of IVF in popular countries and clinics can vary significantly. For example, in Europe the costs range from 3,000 EUR to even 10,000 EUR. Besides, you should pay attention to the availability of flight connections from your country. It is worth remembering that IVF treatment is a long process and it may require several visits to the clinic abroad.

For the patients who wish to undergo IVF with donor eggs, the availability of specific type of egg donors will be an important factor. You have to remember that the availability of eggs donors varies considerably between countries.

Which country has the highest IVF success rate?

According to the ESHRE report (ART in Europe, 2016: results generated from European registries by ESHRE) which includes the data on treatment effectiveness in Europe, pregnancy rates ranged from 13.2% to 57.1% in fresh cycles after IVF or ICSI. For egg donation cycles – most cycles were carried out in Spain, Russia, the Czech Republic and Greece. Pregnancy rates per embryo transfer for cycles with fresh oocytes from a donor are 49.4% on average and for thawed oocytes – 41%. There is a high variability in outcomes for the different countries, ranging between 9.7% and 66.5% for fresh donor eggs and between 29.5% and 67.4% for frozen donor eggs.

The ESHRE report shows IVF treatment effectiveness per country – but remember that these are only statistics. In each country, there are clinics that are either more or less effective in terms of IVF treatment.

How do I choose an IVF clinic abroad?

Choosing an IVF clinic abroad is a challenge for most patients. Most of them choose the clinic basing on the opinions of their friends and acquaintances. Others are looking for information available on the Internet, e.g. on websites with clinic profiles, forums or other patients’ reviews. Regardless of how you are looking for the best clinic for you, it is worth paying attention to the following factors:

  • What experience does the clinic have in treating patients with similar problems to yours?
  • How many IVF cycles does the clinic perform every year?
  • What is the experience of doctors and embryologists in the clinic?
  • How easy it is to contact the clinic – is the clinic responsive or is the contact difficult?

And then, if you find the clinic that meets your expectations, always ask what success rates you can expect in your individual case, taking into account your treatment history and the cause of infertility. In case of Europe, patients most often choose IVF clinics in Spain, the Czech Republic, Greece, Cyprus, Ukraine and Russia.

Where is the most successful IVF clinic in the world?

In each of the popular IVF destinations, there are IVF clinics which have high treatment effectiveness for certain groups of patients. You can find clinics offering good treatment results in Spain, Greece, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Ukraine, Russia and many other IVF destinations abroad. However, there is no single best IVF clinic with the highest treatment effectiveness for all patient groups.

Which clinics offer IVF treatment for patients over 50?

IVF treatment in popular countries is regulated by law. Patients over 50 can be treated in North Cyprus (up to 58 years of age). In Ukraine, Latvia and Poland – there are no legal provisions regulating the maximum age of a woman so IVF clinics independently decide up to what maximum age they offer IVF treatment-  usually until around 55 years of age. In other popular destinations, IVF treatment is usually limited to the age of 49-50.

Find Egg Donation Clinics over 50

The number of international patients on our platform has been increasing every month. In 2023 eggdonationfriends helped over 8,000 couples from the UK, Ireland, Australia, Canada, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and the Netherlands, amongst others to find the right IVF clinic abroad and to complete the dream of having a child.

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      Hi Anke, we suggest you contact one of the egg banks or fertility clinics in Europe. If they’re looking for donors, they’ll be able to help.

  22. I am trying to find a IVF clinic using a known egg donar. I am 55 years old, can you please let me know best clinics in Europe.

    Thank you

  23. My enquiry was regarding an egg donor. I read through the contents but I did not come across an answer to my query.
    My question was have you got a database or a list of donors of indian or srilankan origin.
    My daughter who is sri lankan, 40 yrs married to a caucacean is looking for an egg donor of the above
    She is well prepared to trave; especially to Spain

  24. I’m at 44 in Netherland, Asian. I’d like to get egg donor IVF.
    How this egg donation IVF works? Is there any processes written?
    Actually I have no idea how to start… If I should consult any doctor here in Netherlands or just contact any egg donation IVF clinic in Spain or somewhere…
    Kindly advice me.
    Thank you

  25. Hi! My husband and I are interested in doing donor egg ivf abroad, because our ivf with my eggs was sadly unsuccessful. We don’t want to give up on our dream. My great grandparents were from the Ukraine. With everything going on there, are Ukrainian clinics still an option in the coming year( 2023)? I’d love to have that heritage link to our egg donor but know that it may not be feasible given the world events. My other grandmother was Czech. I am most interested in Ukraine and Czech clinics. If you could send me a list of several high quality clinics in both countries I am grateful. I am 36 and pursuing IVF with my husband.

  26. Me and my wife are now in Portugal. Which clinic is best for ivf with affordable cost. We don’t need donor.

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