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Gynolife IVF Center

Egg Donation in Northern Cyprus
- Gynolife IVF Center

Nicosia / North Cyprus

Why choose Gynolife IVF Center?

Gynolife IVF clinic in Cyprus is a center which uses all possibilities of assisted reproduction technologies to help
patients to realize their dreams of being pregnant.
GynoLife is one of the highest recognized treatment centers for patients’ care and has the highest success rating of all IVF clinics in Cyprus. Looking for a fertility clinic in Cyprus, that produces the best value, the highest quality IVF treatment with affordable cost and the most amazing of staff on hand to cater for your every need? Then Gynolife is your best option.

Programme restrictions and qualification criteria

*Patients who are over the age of 45 are required by the Health Ministry of Cyprus to submit documents from cardiology and internal medicine doctors that confirm no contraindications for a pregnancy for this patient. If patients can’t obtain this confirmation in their country, they can receive it in Cyprus. The cost is approx. €70-80 including both reports (cardiology and internal medicine report).

Programme benefits

  • 15 donor eggs guaranteed
    15 eggs are guaranteed from the egg donor in this program.
  • 2 embryos guaranteed
    2 embryos are guaranteed in this egg donation program.
  • No waiting list

Egg Donation Programme

at Gynolife IVF Center
  • The first phone consultation
  • Customised treatment plan
  • Follow-up medical consultations
  • Sperm collection
  • Matching with an exclusive donor selected by the medical team
  • ICSSI and other laboratory techniques
  • Embryo transfer

Costs of services not included in the program

Optional procedures

  • Cardiology and internal medicine doctor tests approx. €70-80

    For patients who are over the age of 45

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