Clinica Tambre Spain

Why choose Tambre?
9 out 10 women who were treated by the Tambre team in 2017 reached their dream of becoming pregnant.

Expected pregnancy rates

Clinica Tambre - Egg Donation Success Rates

Egg donation pregnancy rate based on cumulative value of 3 cycles.
The success of the 1st Egg Donation cycle is 70% and 2nd 86%.


Min of 8 donor eggs guaranteed

2 embryos on day 5 guaranteed

No waiting list for a donor

GERI - embryo monitoring

Included in package

  • All necessary visits

  • Qualification tests for both patients

  • Sperm freezing

  • ICSI

  • GERI - continuous embryo monitoring till day 5

  • Blastocyst culture and embryo transfer on day 5/6

  • Vitrification of remaining embryos

  • Immediate start / no waiting lists

Not included & optional procedures

Not included in program

  • Medications for recipient
  • Frozen embryo transfer: €1,450

Optional procedures

  • Donor matching: €1200
  • DGP – pre-implantation diagnosis with NGS: €1500
  • Sperm bank: €325
About Clinica Tambre

Clinica Tambre Spain

Clinica Tambre is located in the heart of Madrid in a quiet, high-end, residential area, at a short walk from the Metro Station and 15-minute cab ride from the airport. It was founded in 2000 by Dr. Caballero Peregrín, who has over 40 years’ experience in assisted reproduction, making him and Tambre team the most experienced one in Madrid and one of the pioneers in the field in Europe.

Clinica Tambre has its own fully equipped laboratories for IVF and Andrology, as well as the necessary equipment to perform the most sensitive steps of genetic analysis in house. It also has its own egg and sperm bank, carefully selecting male and female donors, and guaranteeing full control over the whole process and ensuring a perfectly integrated process for its patients.

All of Tambre embryologists and nurses have a Master degree in Human Reproduction as well as an extensive experience in assisted reproduction techniques. Our research in human reproduction has always been at the forefront of the industry and been published in the most well-known congresses and scientific journals

  • min 8 donor eggs guaranteed
  • 2 embryos on day 5 guaranteed
  • flat price