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More than 40 years making dreams come true

Egg Donation Unique Donor
Why choose Tambre?
Tambre Fertility Clinic stands out in offering patients warm and personalised care, success rates well above the Spanish and European average, an excellent medical team and the most accurate and innovative technology. Therefore, the families' experience is fully satisfactory.

Expected pregnancy rates

success rates clinica tambre

Egg donation pregnancy rate based on cumulative value of 3 cycles.
The success of the 1st Egg Donation cycle is 70% and 2nd 86%.


3 blastocyst guarantee (on day 5)

3 blastocysts on day 5 are guaranteed. If not, the clinic would perform all the necessary cycles without any extra cost.

Time-Lapse GERI® Incubator included

Geri offers real-time evaluation of each embryo’s viability, detecting development issues as soon as they appear. This allows for selection of the best embryos for transfer.

No waiting lists

Clinica Tambre has more than 500 egg donors of all blood groups and phenotypes. In-house bank.

Fenomatch included

Fenomatch® is a pioneering 3D facial recognition system that performs an objective comparative analysis to identify the donor that most resembles the patient.

Included in package

  • Donor matching Fenomatch®

  • 3 blastocyst guarantee (Day 5)

  • Time-Lapse Geri® Incubator

  • First visit and on-line follow up

  • ICSI

  • Sperm freezing

  • Blastocyst culture

  • Vitrification of remaining embryos

  • 1 year storage

  • Day 5 Embryo transfer

  • Qualification test for both partners

  • Double security system (RI Witness)

Not included & optional procedures

Not included in program

  • Medications for the recipient: approx. €300
  • Cryopreserved embryo transfer: €1,450

Optional procedures

  • Donor matching: €1,200
  • Pre-implantation diagnosis with NGS: €3,000
  • Sperm bank: €325

We had had 2 negative cycles in the UK, and finally and luckily decided to try a spanish clinic… it was pretty tough to select one since many looked great and we were told that the average quality was high, but after deciding to travel to Madrid (we felt that being in the main spanish city offered more guarantees in case a complication happened) and visiting other clinics we were quickly convinced that we had found our center.
Indeed, their kindness and attention to detail to make us feel comfortable and safe, their fantastic human team, and the fact that they were incredibly efficient replying to all our questions and emails, always being on top of things, made our choice quite straightforward, plus the pricing was really competitive.The privacy they offer to their patients, with full private bedrooms like in a hotel to recover calmly after the egg retrieval and transfer was also very important for us. It felt like being at a really exclusive clinic, but at a reasonable price. They recommended trying one last time an IVF cycle with pre-implantation genetic screening…. 5 weeks later we were finally living our dream of becoming parents!!!!
We would recommend Clinic Tambre a hundred times! We cannot thank them enough for how they have changed our lives!!!

Sarah and Tom

Amazing team both from a professional and human point of view. Real, personalized involvement in each of the patients’ cases. Best clinic in Madrid!!!

We choose the clinic on the recommendation of a friend who had her two children with two treatments in it. And we could not make a better decision. We have only words of thanks for the clinic, and especially for Dr. Laura García de Miguel, not only for their professionalism, but also for the love with which they have treated us throughout the entire process. Despite the difficulties, we felt very protected at all times and the treatment became a wonderful experience with a happy ending. Now we are parents of a beautiful girl.

About Clinica Tambre

Clinics Tambre Spain

Clínica Tambre is a center of reference for Human Reproductive Medicine at European level. With over 40 years’ experience, we offer our patients personalised care by supporting them during each phase of the process until achieving their desired results.


Since your very first visit to Clínica Tambre, you will have a dedicated medical team that will perform a complete study of your personal case, with the sole aim to reach success and make you accomplish your dream.
Furthermore, Tambre has its own fully equipped laboratories for IVF and Andrology, as well as the necessary equipment to perform the most sensitive steps of genetic analysis in-house.  Our package includes Geri® Incubator that allows real-time evaluation of each embryo’s viability, detecting development issues as soon as they appear. This helps to select the best embryos for transfer. We also offer Fenomatch® which is a pioneering 3D facial recognition system that performs an objective comparative analysis to identify the donor that most resembles the patient.

Clinica Tambre has its own egg and sperm bank, carefully selecting male and female donors, and guaranteeing full control over the whole process and ensuring a perfectly integrated process for its patients.

  • min. 3 blastocysts guaranteed (transfer day 5)
  • Time-Lapse Geri® Incubator included
  • Fenomatch included
  • No waiting lists