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Clinica Tambre

Egg Donation Unique Donor
- Clinica Tambre

Madrid / Spain

Why choose Clinica Tambre?

Since your very first visit to Clínica Tambre, you will have a dedicated medical team that will perform a complete study of your personal case, with the sole aim to reach success and make you accomplish your dream.
Furthermore, Tambre has its own fully equipped laboratories for IVF and Andrology, as well as the necessary equipment to perform the most sensitive steps of genetic analysis in-house.  Our package includes Geri® Incubator that allows real-time evaluation of each embryo’s viability, detecting development issues as soon as they appear. This helps to select the best embryos for transfer. We also offer Fenomatch® which is a pioneering 3D facial recognition system that performs an objective comparative analysis to identify the donor that most resembles the patient.
Clinica Tambre has its own egg and sperm bank, carefully selecting male and female donors, and guaranteeing full control over the whole process and ensuring a perfectly integrated process for its patients.

Programme restrictions and qualification criteria

Programme benefits

  • 3 blastocyst guarantee (on day 5)

3 blastocysts on day 5 are guaranteed. If not, the clinic would perform all the necessary cycles without any extra cost.

  • ICSI included

ICSI procedure is available in this program.

  • No waiting list

Clinica Tambre has more than 500 egg donors of all blood groups and phenotypes. In-house bank.

  • Fenomatch included

Fenomatch® is a pioneering system whose algorithm scans more than 12,000 data points in order to help find the donor with the greatest biometric similarity. 

  • Egg donor costs

Egg donor’s expenses are covered.

Egg Donation Programme

at Clinica Tambre
  • First visit and on-line follow up
  • Qualification test for both partners
  • Donor matching Fenomatch®
  • ICSI, Blastocyst culture
  • Vitrification of remaining embryos & 1 year storage
  • Double security system (RI Witness)

Costs of services not included in the program

  • Recipient's medications approx. €200

    Medication before and after the embryo transfer

  • FET - frozen embryo transfer €1,450

    FET during the following cycle if the first cycle failed and there are frozen embryos left

  • Sperm freezing € 175
  • Time-Lapse Geri® Incubator € 495

Optional procedures

  • Donor matching €1,200
  • Pre-implantation diagnosis with NGS €3,000
  • Sperm bank €325
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