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Cyprus IVF Hospital

Pregnancy Guarantee Program
- Cyprus IVF Hospital

Famagusta | North Cyprus

Why choose Cyprus IVF Hospital?

When it comes to your fertility journey, Cyprus IVF Hospital stands out as the premier choice for many reasons. Some of them include the convenience of no waiting time for an egg donor and a diverse range of donors readily available (Caucasian, Scandinavian, African, Asian, and Arab). Breaking conventional norms, women can undergo IVF treatment up to the age of 55 (and the below pregnancy guarantee program up to the age of 50), with no age limit for men. Still, women above the age of 45 would require some additional tests and a special permit. Cyprus IVF Hospital is modern and inclusive, welcoming unmarried couples, single women and LGBT couples on their path to parenthood and offering them treatments like IUI, or reciprocal IVF/co-maternity where two women can share motherhood.

At Cyprus IVF Hospital, you can achieve peace of mind with the egg donation guarantee program outlined below, friendly and multilingual patient care staff and experienced medical team headed by Dr Serap Kağan who is their main fertility doctor has an impressive 33 years of experience. Moreover, what sets Cyprus IVF Hospital apart even more is its commitment to affordability, offering competitive prices lower than the European average. Below we present the Pregnancy Guarantee Program by Cyprus IVF Hospital. 

Program restrictions and qualification criteria

Program benefits

  • Mature donor eggs guaranteed: 12 (M2) quality donor eggs
  • Embryos guaranteed: at least 6 embryos on day 5 guaranteed
  • Anonymous (non-ID release) egg donor. The physical characteristics (age, hair and eye colour, weight, height, ethnicity), blood type, and occupation of the donor can be shared.
  • All donor costs are included. Every expense associated with the egg donor, including medication and logistics costs, the expenses for all necessary medical tests and scans, the egg retrieval (OPU) procedure, laboratory costs (such as quality checks), and any other costs related to the donor.
  • No waiting list for the donor and donor matching is included.
  • Complimentary transportation will be arranged for all transfers between the Ercan Airport (North Cyprus), the hotel, and the hospital throughout the entire treatment process.
  • Program qualification tests for woman/man. The program includes all the mandatory tests required from men/women before the IVF treatment if performed at our hospital. If the patient is not eligible for the program, the cost of tests and scans (EUR 1,000) will be deducted from the program price and money will be fully refunded.

Pregnancy Guarantee Program

at Cyprus IVF Hospital
  • First medical consultation included
  • 3 complete cycles included
  • Free airport-hotel-clinic transfer
  • All donor costs included
  • Program qualification tests for woman/man
  • Sperm collection and quality control included
  • Embryo creation with ICSI and embryo quality control until blastocyst stage
  • Spearm and embryo freezing is included in the program (1 year)
  • No charge for additional embryo transfer until positive pregnancy result is achieved
  • 100% refund if the pregnancy is not achieved after 3 complete IVF cycles

Costs of services not included in the program

  • Sperm and embryo freezing €250/year

    Sperm and embryo freezing is included in the program for the first year. The free €250/year starts from the second year.

  • Recipient's medication TBC

    Donor egg recipient's medication is not included in the program. The cost is to be determined by the IVF specialist.

Optional procedures

  • PGT-A - 5 chromosomes €2,000

    (13, 16, 18, 21, 22 or 13, 18, 21, X, Y)

  • PGT-A - 7 chromosomes €2,500

    (13, 16, 18, 21, 22, X, Y)

  • PGT-A - 9 chromosomes €2,750

    (13, 15, 16, 17, 18, 21, 22, X, Y)

  • PGT-A - Structural chromosomal abnormalities on request
  • PGT-A - X chromosomal abnormalities on request

    (related sex-linked disorders)

  • PGT-M - Monogenic- Single Gene €4,000
  • NGS (Next Generation Sequencing) €400/embryo

    NGS is a pre-implantation genetic testing technique that screens all 24 chromosomes in a developing embryo, enabling the embryologist to select only embryos with a healthy chromosome profile to transfer.

  • Sperm Chip €400

    Sperm chip is a method to help select and prepare the sperm for fertilization using ICSI.

  • EmbryoGlue €400

    EmbryoGlue is a hyaluronan-enriched embryo transfer medium which helps in implantation of embryos

  • Intralipid Serum €75/per serum

    Intralipid infusions have been reported to improve pregnancy rates with IVF, and reduce the miscarriage risk in selected patient groups.

  • Glutathione treatment €150/per serum

    Glutathione is an antioxidant that helps preserve other antioxidants, including those present in both egg and sperm cells.

Payment Terms

  • Pre-payment (when the egg donor is booked) €5,000

    The remaining amount is to be paid the latest on the embryo transfer date. 100% money back guarantee if the pregnancy is not achieved after 3 complete IVF cycles

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