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IVOX IVF Hospital stands as a state-of-the-art IVF facility situated in the heart of Lefkoşa (Nicosia), Cyprus. Established in 2021 under the leadership of Dr. Serkan Dağdelen, MD, an expert with 22 years of dedicated experience in the realm of reproductive medicine. IVOX IVF Hospital offers a comprehensive array of advanced fertility treatments. Their commitment to providing reproductive care extends to patients even after the age of 50. At IVOX IVF Hospital, female patients up to the age of 55 are mostly welcome. They also specialize in providing care to patients with HCV/HBV/HIV, ensuring inclusive and comprehensive fertility solutions for all.

The clinic is open 24/7 for international patients’ convenience. IVOX IVF Centre complies with medical and deontological ethics and they also hold ISO-10002:2018 and ISO-9001:2015-17 quality management certificates. For patients’ safety, IVOX IVF uses Rı Witness Patient Witness System, an advanced computer system used in IVF labs that is responsible for processing patients’ genetic samples and their identification. With this system in place, you can be sure that no human error occurs when handling and labelling your precious genetic material, e.g. blood samples, oocytes, semen or embryos.

Dr. Mürüde Çakartas Dağdelen - IVOX IVF Hospital

IVOX IVF Hospital Medical Team

The medical team at IVOX IVF Hospital comprises of the medical director, a leading IVF doctor, two ESHRE-accredited embryologists with 21 years of experience and numerous patient care staff who speak fluent English. Dr. Mürüde Çakartas Dağdelen (MD) is the main fertility doctor at the clinic. She is an obstetrics and gynecology specialist but also the only gynecologist with the T.R. Ministry of Health IVF Specialization certificate. The Medical Director is Dr. Serkan Dağdelen (MD).

All the clinic’s patient care staff is female for female patients’ convenience. They speak fluent English, Turkish, German, Arabic, Russian, Italian, and French.

IVF and Egg Donation at IVOX IVF Hospital

IVOX clinic offers a variety of fertility treatments, procedures and assisted reproduction methods. Apart from the most basic treatments like IVF or egg donation, the offer includes PGT-A, Tandem IVF, MicroTESE/TESA, Sperm Chip (FertilePlus), MicroSort Method or even surrogacy. It can be said that the clinic specializes in treating male factor infertility, especially azoospermia, so at IVOX IVF Hospital you are most welcome to attempt IVF with your partner’s sperm without resorting to sperm donation.

IVOX IVF team also offers various IVF add-ons, e.g. assisted hatching and embryo biopsy. They use RI Saturn 5TM – Fixed and Directional Laser System which is a revolutionary tool used for hatching and biopsy techniques in laboratories all over the world. RI Saturn 5TM significantly improves the biopsy technique, making the procedure shorter and less risky.

IVF lab at IVOX IVF Hospital

IVOX IVF Hospital is located near the city centre and only approx. 30 minutes from the Ercan International Airport. IVOX patient care team can arrange an airport pickup for you and the cost depends on your chosen hotel location. Contact the clinic to find out more details on how they can help you with airport transfer and accommodation.

IVF cost and treatment options at IVOX IVF Hospital

IVF Treatment options:

Woman up to 55 years old

Single woman

Lesbian couples

Fresh donor eggs

Frozen donor eggs


PGT-A (PGS) - embryo genetic testing

HIV positive - male

HIV positive - female

HBV/HCV positive - male

HBV/HCV positive - female

Gender selection (medical reason)

IVF costs:

IVF with own eggs: from €3,000

Egg donation fresh cycle: from €5,000

Egg donation frozen cycle: Not available

Medical consultation: from €0

Frozen embryo transfer: from €1,500

Embryo donation: from €6,500

Donor sperm: from €1,500

Egg donors availability:

Egg donor race:

Caucasian (white)

Hispanic (Latino)


African (black)




Egg donor anonimity:


Non anonymous

Donor pictures:

Donor picture

Donor as a baby picture

Donor egg source:

Egg Bank located at the Clinic

External Egg Bank

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Mürüde Çakartas Dağdelen, OB-GYN Specialist, IVOX IVF Hospital

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Egg Donation Programs
- IVOX IVF Hospital

Egg Donation + Partner's Sperm


Basic information

Program with donor's oocytesFresh oocytes

Waiting time for donor eggsImmediately

Maximum number of visits in clinic2 visits

The maximum time of stay (days)7 days

Basic Guarantees

No. of oocytes: 10

Embryos day 3:4

Embryos day 5:2

Additional costs required

Additional Costs


First medical consultation (qualification)


Embryologist consultation


Program qualification tests for woman


Program qualification tests for partner


Recipient's medications


Donor's medications and all other costs


Sperm freezing before the program




Blastocyst culture (embryo development till day 5th)


Vitrification of (remaining) embryos and storage for 1 year


ET - Embryo transfer








AH - assisted hatching


Embryo Monitoring (Embryoscope, Time Lapse, Geri)


No. of IVF cycles included in package


Other procedures and costs

Donor Genetic Screening (e.g. CGT, Recombine)


Embryo Glue


PGT-A (PGS) - genetic embryo testing


Donor sperm


FET - Frozen Embryo Transfer


Terms, conditions and payment

Terms, conditions and payment:

According to the treatment, the exact prices for patient's medication and blood tests are available on request. All patients get RI Witness free of charge.

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Mürüde Çakartas Dağdelen, OB-GYN Specialist, IVOX IVF Hospital

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IVOX IVF Hospital - Experience and Team

Clinic operates since: 2021

No. of IVF cycles (donor eggs): 700

No. of IVF cycles (own eggs): 250

No. of fertility doctors: 2

No. of embryologists: 2

MD Mürüde Çakartas Dağdelen

OB-GYN Specialist

Experience: 23 years

Languages: English, Turkish

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MD Serkan Dağdelen

Medical Director

Experience: 21 years

Languages: English, Turkish

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Mürüde Çakartas Dağdelen, OB-GYN Specialist, IVOX IVF Hospital

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IVOX IVF Hospital - IVF with Donor Eggs Success Rates


*Data provided by clinic for 2022

You should know:

Presented statistics don't include any frozen embryo transfers within an IVF cycle. Be aware of treatment costs as some clinics include frozen embryo transfers in their statistics and FET may not be included in program cost.

How are the success rates calculated?

Fresh donor eggs

single IVF cycle success rate per embryo transfer:


Frozen donor eggs

single IVF cycle success rate per embryo transfer:


Average number of embryos transferred per embryo transfer

The higher number of embryos the higher risk of multiple pregnancy:


Preferred embryo transfer day

day 3 (cleavage) or day 5 (blastocyst):


Your individual chances to successful treatment

If you don't want to fall into IVF success rates trap, ask the clinic about your individual prognosis based on your age, medical history, previous treatments and infertility diagnosis.

Have questions about IVF success rates?

Mürüde Çakartas Dağdelen, OB-GYN Specialist, IVOX IVF Hospital

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