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    success rates in Argentina

    • EUR
    • 4733
    average egg donation
    cost in Argentina
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    clinics in Argentina
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ArgentinaArgentina situated in the south-eastern South America. It shares the southern cone with its narrower neighbour Chile. On the north-east it is boarded with Brazil, on the north with Bolivia and Paraguay and with Uruguay and the South Atlantic Ocean to the east. The airlines allow to take flights from South America, North America and Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Accommodation will not be a problem, there are student hostels (probably stay away from those if you are looking for some peace and quiet during your treatment) bed and breakfasts, hotels in the city and great luxurious hotels.
IVF in Argentina is now available for all citizens, heterosexual and homosexual couples, single women (Gay marriage is legal in Argentina since 2010). The law states that no matter what is your sexual orientation, marital status, gender expression or economic situation you have the right to reproduce. However it is prohibited by law to financially benefit from donating eggs, sperm and embryological and genetic material. So the donations have to be altruistic which is said to be the more ethical solution. The artificial reproduction laws in Argentina are based on the Argentinian constitution (Article 75, Section 22) and treaties of non-discrimination and the right to have a family with the connection to right to health.
Also in 2013 there was the first recognition by Court of a surrogacy arrangement. However it was an altruistic surrogacy where the surrogate was a friend of the family. The ethical guidelines cover the surrogacy, preimplantation genetic diagnosis and providing eggs.
In 2009 25% of all IVF cycles done in Latin America were made in Argentina.
The costs of IVF in Argentina without egg donation is about 4500-5000 $ and with egg donation it’s about 6500-7500$

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