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Egg Donation in Estonia?

The Republic of Estonia is located in the Baltic region of Northern Europe with its capital in Tallinn. It borders to the south with Latvia, with the Gulf of Finland to the north and with the Baltic Sea to the west. Estonia has the smallest population in all of the European Union countries. Estonia is a member of the Schengen Agreement so traveling from UE countries is especially comfortable. There are direct flights from all major Scandinavian countries, Baltic cities and major European cities like London, Paris, Frankfurt, Brussels and Amsterdam and also Prague and Warsaw. You can also travel by ferry lines from Rostock in Germany, Helsinki in Finland and Stockholm Sweden. Accommodation also should not be a problem, in 2004 Tallinn had first place in overnight stays in hotels among all the Baltic Sea cities.
Key laws and policies under which assisted reproduction works in Estonia are the Penal code amended in 2007 and the Penal act amended in 2004 and also the “Embryo Protection and Artificial Fertilisation Act” 1997, amended 2003. The penal code prohibits surrogacy, cloning, inheritable genetic modification techniques, social use of PGD and somatic genetic enhancements. Egg, sperm and embryo donating is permitted. The IVF treatment is permitted only when implanting the ovum into a woman. IVF treatment costs are about 2000 euros.

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