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of Portugal as destination for egg donation treatment:
  • 58%
    avg egg donation
    success rates in Portugal

    • EUR
    • 6000
    average egg donation
    cost in Portugal
  • 3
    no of egg donation
    clinics in Portugal
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Egg Donation in Portugal?

Portugal is a country in the southwest Europe situated on the Iberian Peninsula. On the west and south Portugal is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and by Spain from the north and east. Portugal has a beautiful countryside and a unique and rich culture. The official language is Portuguese.
Portugal is a member of the Schengen Agreement and getting in from other countries that are Schengen members is very comfortable. Most major airlines like Lufthansa, Air France, British Airways and more have frequent flights to Portugal. Low fare flights by EasyJet or Ryanair to Portugal can also be found if you are lucky. There are also flights from USA in Philadelphia and Boston. Portugal has also many sea ports and you can find cruises to get there, which are cheaper than airplanes.
Accommodation is not a problem, there are hotels all through Portugal. If your budget is small and you want to feel the real Portugal then try Residencial. Those are home like hostels which have double rooms for €25-35. If you are looking for something more luxurious try the ‘Pousadas de Portugal’ which is a network of beautiful hotels situated in ancient castles and palaces.
Assisted reproduction laws are gathered under the ’Law Concerning Medically Assisted Reproduction Portugal’. Donations of eggs, embryos and sperm is permitted and donation can be used to get a woman pregnant if there is no other way left. However the usage of assisted reproduction is reserved only for married couples, who are not of the same sex. PGD may be used only if the test has a high prediction value. Cost of IVF is about 2500-3000 euros and IVF with donor eggs about 4500-5000 euros.

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