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Donor races availability:
Caucasian, Latino, African / Black, Arab, Indian
other ethnicity available per request
Shipping destinations:
Online donor database:
not available
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About Ovobank

Ovobank aims to satisfy the increasing demand of oocytes, helping to optimize fertility treatments and easing the way for future parents.

Ovobank has the most advanced facilities and last generation equipment to provide a high quality service within the Assisted Reproduction Clinic in Ovoclinic.

Occyte vitrification process at Ovobank is made by qualified staff who has been trained in the field of cryobiology and who uses means and products fulfilling European regulations. As a result, eggs are being processed under the best conditions preserving all their potential in order to offer both quality and success guaranteed service.

How to use Ovobank

Ovobank allows you to request your oocytes directly as a patient, without intermediaries, and we will send them to the collaborating centre of your choice, where your treatment will be performed.

  1. Through the EGG REQUEST section, once the patient option is selected, you must complete the request with your physical and immunological characteristics and those of your partner, so that our Donor Coordination Department can select the most compatible donor with you.
  2. After completing the form and making the payment, you will have your order of vitrified oocytes in your fertility centre within 24/48 hours.
  3. If you do not have a fertility centre where you can receive treatment, you can choose from one of our collaborating centres closest to you. You can also contact our OVOCLINIC reference clinic and perform treatment with them.
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Ovobank FAQ

What is the average cost of the donor oocytes in Ovobank?

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What kind of donors are available at Ovobank?

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What are the Ovobanks’ requirements for shipping donor oocytes to chosen IVF clinic?

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How the donors are qualified in the Ovobank?

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