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Katowice – POLAND

GYNCENTRUM – Exclusive Partner

Katowice is the biggest city in upper Silesia. It is noted for its vibrant economic, academic and cultural atmosphere. The inhabitants are known for their hospitality and many investors and businessmen visit Katowice for its thriving economy and great opportunities for developments. Moreover, the delicious Polish cuisine and the plethora of affordable yet high standard restaurants is what attract many foreign tourists. Visitors to Katowice not only go there to sightsee, have treatment (medical tourism) or on business. They also choose Katowice as their perfect destination be part of exciting music events that are held in the famous Spodek Arena.


Gyncentrum Clinic is recognized as one of the leading fertility treatment facilities in Poland with over 20 years’ experience of diagnosing and treating fertility problems. Our specialists are experts in the field of in Vitro treatment providing comprehensive evaluation and care to all patient.

We use the latest technologies of assisted reproductive treatment, including IMSI/ICSI, oocytes and embryos vitrification, PGD diagnosis, Primo Vision, EmbryoGlue, EmbryoGen, Oosight System, Assisted Hatching, SCA/CASA System. As the first clinic in Poland we introduced OCTAX Ferti Proof System, ensuring control and tracebility of all procedures in the IVF lab.

Nature reserves

If you are a nature lover, you cannot miss Nature Reserve Las Murckowski or Nature Reserve Ochojec. It is a great chance to discover Polish natural beauty at its best.

Public transport: buses & trams

Public transport is well designed and convenient to use. You can get to every corner of the city travelling by bus, tram, taxi or Uber. Did you know that Katowice has the most extensive tram network worldwide? The tram system covers 14 various Silesian districts and spreads for over 31 miles.


The nearest airport to Katowice is Katowice International Airport (in Pyrzowice) which is approximately 19 miles from the city centre. The airport serves more than 20 international and domestic flights a day and approximately 2.5 million passengers were reported to be served in 2008.


The climate in the city, and generally in Poland, is mild (continental). The average temperature in winter is 8°Celsius and in the summer 18°C (64°F) – perfect for stress-free medical holidays.