Poland – Rising Egg Donation star!

Poland a key player in medical tourism

In the heart of Europe with a huge Baltic coastline on the north lies the country of Poland.
Poland’s history of being destroyed and devastated by wars did not smother the Poles spirit to rebuild and develop. After years and years now Poland is becoming one of the most popular destinations for medical tourists with world class medical success rates in almost every field of health care. For e.g. dental care in Poland is of so high standards and at the same time so cheap that it is literally cheaper to take a flight from England, go to a dentist and flight back to England than do it locally.

Success rates as well as best specialists is also linked to the field of Assisted Reproduction Technologies especially IVF with Egg Donation. The fact that the EU has their door opened now for health care in other countries plus the new bill regulating IVF in Poland (it was legally in a grey area till now) makes it now a really reliable destination. Furthermore Poland’s location in the centre of Europe, very low plane fares, cheap accommodation and astonishing tourist attractions like the city of Cracow only adds to the argument that Poland is a rising Egg Donation star!
Fertility Treatment in Poland

First IVF baby in Poland was born in 1987, that is almost 9 years later after the birth of the first ever IVF baby. First clinic in Poland which offered the IVF treatment was opened in 1989. Till 1994 it was the only clinic offering IVF. According to ESHRE (European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology) in 1999 there were already 10 clinics offering IVF doing about 2500 cycles. Data from 2009 shows about 31 clinics doing 12 000 cycles.
5000 babies a year is being born in Poland thanks to this method. From the year 2013 the in vitro treatment started to be refunded for citizens by the government, since then 2300 IVF babies were born. Almost 16 000 couples are now during treatment.

Rynek Główny w Krakowie

Main reasons to do IVF with donor eggs in Poland

Team of experts

Poland has many specialists and experts with years and years of experience in almost every medical field there is, it is no different in the field of Assisted Reproduction Technologies.
Polish doctors have been educated in the best medical schools and very often are precursors of many different treatments and procedures. The fact that you can save up to 60% or even 70% by doing egg donation IVF in Poland while using the best specialists and highest standards of treatment should be enough to be convinced this is the right place.

Patient care

You will find many clinics mainly in such cities like Warsaw, Wroclaw, Cracow, Gdansk, Szczecin, Poznan, Lodz, Katowice and others. All of those clinics offer highest standards and one of the best specialists and experts while at the same time offering individual approach to each patient. Modern infrastructure and technologies used in those clinics should also be a considered advantage not to mention the English speaking staff which makes a lot things easier.

Old town of Gdansk

One of the highest success rates in Europe

No matter where you choose to go for treatment one thing is always the most important and that is the success rates. When making a choice all patients eventually make their decision by looking at success rates because this is what really matters for them. Europe is now full of different clinics with various success rates.
Poland lately has started to become a popular egg donation IVF destination. How does it compare to rest of the Europe?
When it comes to Europe, Poland has one of the highest success rates. For IVF the success rate is 35.2% per cycle. The now so popular destination Spain in comparison has 33.8% success rates, after that there’s UK with 30.9%. Those numbers were taken from the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) report from 2010. With the knowledge that success rates are getting better all over the world because of new technologies and additional procedures enhancing the process of IVF we can now safely assume that now those success rates are even higher. Keep in mind that these success rates combine the results of different IVF techniques including IVF, ICSI and IMSI and in addition it involves patients from different age groups.

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