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emBIO clinic building

Egg Donation Program
- emBIO Medical Center

Chalandri | Greece

Why choose emBIO Medical Center?

Greece has a notably high age limit for female patients who wish to undergo IVF with donor eggs. The maximum age is 54 years old, the highest in Europe. At EmBIO IVF Center in Athens, we are especially proud of:

  • our zero waiting time policy
  • the 30,000 babies conceived and born thanks to IVF treatments since 1996
  • our exceptional and highly trained fertility team
  • our reasonable prices that make egg donation treatment affordable
  • treatment for anyone who needs it.

Programme restrictions and qualification criteria

Programme benefits:

  • Initial consultation with fertility specialist
  • A personalized treatment plan for each patient
  • A detailed donor profile (age, nationality, etc.)
  • All expenses covered (medication, treatment, tests, anesthesiologist)
  • Donor’s anesthesia covered during the egg collection
  • Semen analysis and sperm preparation (partner/donor sperm)
  • Embryo culture
  • Embryo transfer
  • Patient support during and after the treatment
  • ICSI if needed

Egg Donation Programme

at emBIO Medical Center
  • No waiting time
  • Individual donor selection
  • 8-10 mature donor oocytes
  • ICSI included if needed
  • All donor's costs covered (e.g. anesthesia during egg collection)

Costs of services not included in the program

  • Medical consultation included
  • Donor sperm €300
  • PGT-A - genetic embryo testing €2,000
  • Frozen embryo transfer (FET) €1,100

Optional procedures

  • AH - assisted hatching €500
  • Embryoglue €500
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Looking for "best" IVF clinic abroad?
We analyse your needs, egg donor availability, destination preferences and find top IVF Clinics for you.