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The EmBIO Clinic in Athens, Greece, has been a beacon of hope since its inception in 1996. Over the years, the clinic has successfully assisted in the conception of more than 30,000 babies. Athens, with its many daily flights, is a convenient destination for all your needs. It is a vibrant, history-filled city with many sights and activities to enjoy between clinic visits. You can make your treatment trip an exciting vacation and immerse yourself in new and wondrous experiences.

The medical team of EmBIO IVF in Greece

The Medical Director of EmBIO is Dr. Thanos Paraschos. He is a well-known and internationally acclaimed obstetrician and gynaecologist specialising in infertility treatments. He was a member of the team performing the first PGD in the world in 1989, alongside Lord Professor Robert Winston and A.H. Handyside at the Hammersmith Hospital.

Dina Katrania, BSc, MSc, is the director of Embio ART Laboratories. She was trained in Embryology under the supervision of the great Professor Ian Craft, one of the pioneers in IVF at the Gynecology and Fertility Centre in London which is one of the largest in England, performing about 2,000 IVF cycles per year. She has also trained in the new method of in vitro egg maturation (IVM) at McGill University in Canada, under the supervision of renowned professors Dr. Jin Tae Chung and Dr. S. L. Tan.

Dr. Thanos Paraschos and Dina Katrania, along with a dedicated team of gynecologists, embryologists, and support staff, are ready to assist with every aspect of your treatment journey.

Medical team at Embio

EmBIO IVF is at the forefront of fertility treatments, using the most advanced techniques and cutting-edge technologies to help you achieve your dream of starting or growing a family. This commitment to innovation and excellence has earned them national and international recognition and high success rates.

In addition, they continually collaborate with scientific research initiatives to advance the field of reproductive medicine, ensuring that they remain at the forefront of new developments. This commitment to continuous improvement means they can always offer the best treatments with the highest success rates.

EmBIO Medical Centre, located in Greece, has been honored with the IMTJ awards three times, in 2017, 2020, and 2022. These awards recognize the center’s commitment to innovation, advancement, and exceptional standards within the realm of travel and medical tourism.

IVF at EmBIO Clinic

At EmBIO IVF Clinic in Greece, no matter who you are or your relationship status, you can expect first-class care. Dr Paraschos and the experienced fertility team will work closely with you to determine the most appropriate fertility treatment for your unique situation.

Through in vitro fertilisation and the use of donor eggs and/or donor sperm, couples, single women, female couples or individuals from the LGBTQ+ community can finally start their own families. We believe that everyone deserves the chance to start a family and we are committed to providing unwavering support every step of the way. From your initial consultation to the moment your child is conceived and beyond, we’re here to help.

PRP ovarian and uterine rejuvenation

Ovarian rejuvenation treatment using platelet-rich plasma (RPR) is a therapy available at emBIO for women who are planning to have IVF with own oocytes and who are approaching or entering menopause, have signs of early menopause or have a diagnosed ovarian failure. emBIO also offers Uterine Rejuvenation with PRP (endometrial rejuvenation) that is designed to enhance the thickness and the condition of the endometrium. Such therapy at emBIO costs 1,500 Euros.

ROPA Method for lesbian couples at EmbioFor those who are not yet ready to start a family due to career commitments, EmBIO Clinic also offers the option to freeze your eggs or sperm for future use. This advanced reproductive technology allows you to preserve your fertility for the future. It’s a safe and effective method that ensures your biological material is stored securely, maintaining its viability for when you decide the time is right to start or expand your family.

If you are a woman close to or above the age of 40, then Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis is recommended, because PGD has been found to double the chances of successful embryo implantation. Also, research has noted a considerable reduction in miscarriage rates (dropping from 23% to 9%) among IVF patients without a history of recurrent miscarriages.

Moreover, gender selection for medical reasons can be facilitated through Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI), a specialized form of micro-fertilisation.

Egg donation at EmBIO clinic

Greece has IVF-friendly legislation and the age limit for women undergoing IVF treatment has been raised to 54. This change represents a significant step forward in expanding access to reproductive healthcare and giving more women the opportunity to experience motherhood.

In Greece, egg donation is a safe process for donors and individuals or couples seeking to conceive. Privacy is paramount and strictly enforced. The donor’s identity is never revealed, although information about her characteristics is available. To qualify as an egg donor at the EmBIO Egg Bank, a woman must be between the ages of 19 and 35 and have no personal or family history of genetic disorders.

For those who are considering using donor eggs, with or without donor sperm, and who want their child to look like them or have certain characteristics, such as height, blue eyes or an athletic build, EmBIO Fertility Centre presents Perfect Match EmBIO. But what is Perfect Match EmBIO? Perfect Match EmBIO is an innovative approach that uses artificial intelligence to sift through our extensive donor database to find donors who are either very similar to you or have the characteristics you are looking for. Through this process, we can facilitate an optimal match between the donor and the prospective mother or father, helping to ensure that your future child has the characteristics and similarities you want.

Perfect Match - donor matching at Embio

emBIO Medical Center reviews

International patients are happy to review emBIO and share their experiences with other prospective patients.

emBIO Medical Center has also been reviewed by patients on Google Reviews. It has gathered over 487 Google Business reviews. Check some of them below:

“We had the luck to have worked with Dr.Thanos Paraschos on the implantation of our daughter. He was always so kind to answering all our questions which made the process stress and worry free. We felt very cared for. We never felt like we were just treated like a number. Now we have the sweetest little girl and we have him and his wonderful team to thank for!”

Reviewed by Triola Clothing

“Excellent! We found IVF Embio by chance last year after moving to Athens, my wife checked out their open night to get information and she liked the people working there so we got started. It was nice to go to a clinic where we felt to be a priority, had opportunity to ask as many questions as we wanted with Dr. Thanos and didn’t feel rushed. Appointment times were also quite flexible. And now we have a healthy baby, we’d say its totally worth giving IVF Embio a shot. Thanks to everyone who helped us!”

Reviewed by Elsa Raphael

“Dr Thanos is always genuinely friendly and takes as much or as little time as you want to go through the details. Not once did we feel rushed or put off from asking our many questions. But most importantly, he delivers results, we already have one amazing baby and number two is now on the way! We can’t thank him enough and would not hesitate to recommend him.”

Reviewed by Andino Papadopoulos

Contact emBIO Medical Center for more information and see if they can offer an egg donation program that is suitable for your medical and financial needs.

IVF cost and treatment options at emBIO Medical Center

IVF Treatment options:

Woman up to 54 years old

Single woman

Lesbian couples

Fresh donor eggs

Frozen donor eggs


PGT-A (PGS) - embryo genetic testing

HIV positive - male

HIV positive - female

HBV/HCV positive - male

HBV/HCV positive - female

Gender selection (medical reason)

IVF costs:

IVF with own eggs: from €2,500

Egg donation fresh cycle: from €5,500

Egg donation frozen cycle: Not available

Medical consultation: from €0

Frozen embryo transfer: from €1,100

Embryo donation: from €4,800

Donor sperm: from €300

Egg donors availability:

Egg donor race:

Caucasian (white)

Hispanic (Latino)


African (black)




Egg donor anonimity:


Non anonymous

Donor pictures:

Donor picture

Donor as a baby picture

Donor egg source:

Egg Bank located at the Clinic

External Egg Bank

Ask about IVF treatment costs

Thanos Paraschos, Director of emBIO Medical Centre, Head of the In Vitro Fertilisation & Endoscopic Surgery Unit, emBIO Medical Center

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Egg Donation Programs
- emBIO Medical Center

Fresh Egg Donation Package


Basic information

Program with donor's oocytesFresh oocytes

Waiting time for donor eggsImmediately

Maximum number of visits in clinic2 visits

The maximum time of stay (days)5 days

Basic Guarantees

No. of oocytes: 12

Embryos day 3:3

Embryos day 5:2

Additional costs required

Additional Costs


First medical consultation (qualification)


Embryologist consultation


Program qualification tests for woman


Program qualification tests for partner


Recipient's medications


Donor's medications and all other costs


Sperm freezing before the program




Blastocyst culture (embryo development till day 5th)


Vitrification of (remaining) embryos and storage for 1 year


ET - Embryo transfer


Donor Genetic Screening (e.g. CGT, Recombine)


No. of IVF cycles included in package


Other procedures and costs







AH - assisted hatching


Embryo Glue


PGT-A (PGS) - genetic embryo testing


Embryo Monitoring (Embryoscope, Time Lapse, Geri)


Donor sperm


FET - Frozen Embryo Transfer


Terms, conditions and payment

Terms, conditions and payment:

Have questions about IVF packages?

Thanos Paraschos, Director of emBIO Medical Centre, Head of the In Vitro Fertilisation & Endoscopic Surgery Unit, emBIO Medical Center

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emBIO Medical Center - Experience and Team

Clinic operates since: 1996

No. of IVF cycles (donor eggs): 330

No. of IVF cycles (own eggs): 710

No. of fertility doctors: 6

No. of embryologists: 5

MD Thanos Paraschos

Director of emBIO Medical Centre, Head of the In Vitro Fertilisation & Endoscopic Surgery Unit

Experience: 36 years

Languages: English, Italian, Greek, French

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BSc, MSc Dina Katrania

ART Laboratory Director

Experience: 32 years

Languages: Greek, English, Italian, French

Konstantinos Papathansiou

Coordinator of International Couples

Experience: 14 years

Languages: Italian, English, Greek

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Thanos Paraschos, Director of emBIO Medical Centre, Head of the In Vitro Fertilisation & Endoscopic Surgery Unit, emBIO Medical Center

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emBIO Medical Center - IVF with Donor Eggs Success Rates


*Data provided by clinic for 2021

You should know:

Presented statistics don't include any frozen embryo transfers within an IVF cycle. Be aware of treatment costs as some clinics include frozen embryo transfers in their statistics and FET may not be included in program cost.

How are the success rates calculated?

Fresh donor eggs

single IVF cycle success rate per embryo transfer:


Frozen donor eggs

single IVF cycle success rate per embryo transfer:


Average number of embryos transferred per embryo transfer

The higher number of embryos the higher risk of multiple pregnancy:


Preferred embryo transfer day

day 3 (cleavage) or day 5 (blastocyst):


Your individual chances to successful treatment

If you don't want to fall into IVF success rates trap, ask the clinic about your individual prognosis based on your age, medical history, previous treatments and infertility diagnosis.

Have questions about IVF success rates?

Thanos Paraschos, Director of emBIO Medical Centre, Head of the In Vitro Fertilisation & Endoscopic Surgery Unit, emBIO Medical Center

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