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AVA Clinic Latvia

AVA Clinic is a leading fertility clinic in Baltic and Nordic countries and is part of the EUGIN International chain of clinics specializing in infertility and family planning. The first clinic of the AVA Clinic chain was opened in 1993, and from then on AVA clinic has become part of the global EUGIN chain of clinics specialising in infertility, family planning, pregnancy monitoring problems and genetic embryology.

AVA Clinic in Riga, Latvia was opened in 2005. For more than 25 years now, our professionals have been achieving excellent results in their daily work even in the most complex cases – thanks to their professional skills and long-term experience and trust of patients and colleagues. In 2023, the clinic opened its doors in new, renovated premises at Baznīcas 20/22, 5th floor, which allowed not only the expand of the range of reproductive services, but also the design of a new embryological laboratory using modern embryo observation methods using artificial intelligence, and we have improved and have improved the possibilities of genetic diagnostics of embryos.

AVA CLINIC Medical Team

Dr. Jaroslavs Lakutins, medical director of AVA Clinic, fertility specialist, and gynecologist, has been working in the fertility field since 2003. The doctor is providing consultations in English, German, Latvian, and Russian or with an interpreter’s assistance.

Dr. Jana Brikune, a fertility specialist, and gynecologist, has been working in the fertility field since 2005. The doctor provides consultations in Latvian, Russian or with an interpreter’s assistance.

Dr. Elina Gelderina, fertility specialist, gynecologist-obstetrician. She has been working in the fertility field since 2019. The doctor is providing consultations in English, Latvian, Russian or interpreter’s assistance.

Dr. Oksana Mozeitovica, fertility specialist, gynecologist-obstetrician. She has been working in the fertility field since 2020. The doctor provides consultations in English, Latvian, and Russian or with an interpreter’s assistance.

All clinics’ fertility specialists specialize in:

  • Low ovarian reserve
  • Endometriosis
  • PCOS
  • Uterine factors (including fibroids)
  • Tubal factors
  • Male factor (including low sperm count)
  • Immunology
  • Implantation failures
  • Miscarriages
  • PGS/PGT-A – chromosome aneuploidies
  • PGD – single-gene disorders
  • Failed IVF cycles
  • PGT-M
J. Lakutins, Medical Director of AVA Clinic
Dr J. Lakutins, Medical Director of AVA Clinic

The clinic was the first in Latvia and the Nordic countries to introduce the newest system for identifying patients and their genetic material, which provides additional control over the stages of the medical fertilization procedure. For several years now, network specialists have achieved high results in their work, even in the most complex and non-standard cases, thanks to their professionalism, long-term experience and the trust of patients and colleagues. Thanks to close ties with network colleagues, clinic specialists have a unique opportunity to treat patients together with colleagues from other countries in Europe, America and Canada.

The high qualifications of our professionals and the latest equipment and technologies used as well as attentiveness to each patient are the decisive factors for the success of your infertility treatment. In our work, we closely adhere to the requirements of Latvian legislation and ISO 9000:2015 and LVS NE ISO 151489:2013 quality management standards. Time is an important factor in infertility treatment, and we, therefore, propose prompt and reliable solutions and customised infertility packages.

Egg/Sperm Donation

AVA Clinic has been providing infertility treatment using donor material (eggs and sperm) for more than 20 years now. The success rate of infertility treatment using the latest assisted reproductive technologies is very high. Nevertheless, not all women or couples are successful in retaining pregnancy whereby their own genetic material (eggs and sperm) is used. The uniqueness of treatment using donor material lies in the individual selection of donors based on your criteria and requests.

Patients can receive key information about the physical and personal traits of a donor, including information on whether a donor has children and on a donor’s educational background and ethnicity. Patients do not receive any information to enable them to identify a donor in any manner, however. On the other hand, donors are not provided with any information about patients. All eggs obtained as a result of donor stimulation belong to you only. We do not provide these eggs to any other patients!

Patients of AVA CLINIC may benefit from:

  • Donor egg treatment
  • Donor sperm treatment
  • Donor embryos (consisting of donor eggs and sperm).

AVA Clinic in Latvia

IVF Treatment Using Donor Eggs

Infertility treatment using donor eggs provides a unique opportunity for women to become pregnant and give birth to a baby even if they do not have any of their own eggs. Treatment using donor eggs is recommended in the following cases:

  • Premature ovarian failure, e.g. because of ovarian surgeries, radiotherapy or chemotherapy to treat cancer, etc.;
  • Early menopause;
  • Recurrent unsuccessful IVF attempts using own eggs;
  • Poor or no response to ovarian stimulation in late reproductive age (after 38–40 years of age);
  • Certain genetic disorders.

AVA CLINIC pays special attention to the selection of donors. Subsequent selection of a donor for patients is performed by a coordinator of the clinic on a case-by-case basis, based on the phenotypic similarity of the recipient and the donor. To achieve maximum physical similarity, the coordinator may use photographs. Additional parameters (educational background, occupation, hobbies, donor age, whether the donor has children, blood group) are taken into account at patients’ request.

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Latvia is very popular IVF destination. We've prepared special section about IVF in Latvia, where you'll find information about legal aspects, average IVF costs and average IVF success rates in Latvia.

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