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Dr. Vasaraudze Private Clinic

Dr. Vasaraudze Private Clinic is a small and modern clinic in the centre of Riga. The Dr. Vasaraudze Private Clinic has been providing medical services since 1998.

Medical Services

Dr. Vasaraudze private clinic initially specialised only in gynaecological services, but over time, the clinic has expanded and today it offers a range of medical services for both women and men, as well as children. The clinic can provide medical services to people from birth to old age. The latest medical equipment and immediate performance of examinations and tests allow recommending the clinic to patients who require high-level medical service and an individual approach. The clinic has a cozy and friendly atmosphere, which facilitates successful treatment and examinations. The clinic specialises in a wide range of gynaecological services, with primary specialty in gynaecological endocrinology — menstrual cycle disorders, female infertility, menopausal problems, excess hair, acne, and obesity.

Dr Ineta Vasaraudze

Reasons to Choose Dr. Vasaraudze Private Clinic

  1. The clinic can carry out all the necessary examinations to assess women’s health issues and to diagnose health problems. The clinic’s specialists can also perform fertilisation procedures in our partner clinics.
  2. The long experience in the medical service market allows the clinic to provide a very wide range of high-quality medical services, from preventive examinations to consultations by highly-qualified specialists that develop an individual examination and treatment plan for each patient.
  3. Gynecology, therapy, maternity, laboratory services. Specialist consultations: family physician, gynecologist-endocrinologist, oncologist.
  4. Diagnostics: gynaecological ultrasonography, ultrasonography for pregnant women, I and II trimester foetal genetic screening with risk analysis, breast gland ultrasonography, thyroid gland ultrasonography, abdominal ultrasonography, soft tissue ultrasonography, ultrasonography of blood vessels, echocardiography.
  5. Dr. Vasaraudze private clinic offers a broad range of check-up programs. The full examination takes 2-3 days. Fasting blood samples are required. Do not eat before the blood tests.

Pregnancy ultrasound at Dr Vasaraudze Clinic

Check-up Programs

There are different check-up programs available:

  • Health Check-Up for Women under 40 (Laboratory tests, Radiology, Cardiovascular system, Gynecological examination, Therapeutic examination).
  • Health Check-up for women after 40 – Premium (Laboratory tests, Radiology, Cardiovascular system, Gynecological examination, Therapeutic examination).
  • Health Check-Up for women in case of infertility.
  • Health Check-Up in case of infertility for couples.

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