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Pelargos IVF Fertility Group is a unique group of specialists, that provides Greek and overseas women, with top-quality medical services at the best Fertility Centers in Athens, Greece. In accordance with the Greek IVF law, Pelargos IVF accepts women up to the age of 54, however, women above 50 will require permission from the Authorities for treatment. Women aged 50-54, in order to be approved for treatment, need

  • a letter from a gynecologist translated to Greek – Pelargos IVF can provide it.
  • a letter from the cardiologist translated to Greek – again this can be provided in Athens or patients can bring the letter from their home country.
  • a letter from the breast doctor translated to Greek – again this can be provided in Athens or patients can bring the letter from their home country.
  • an application to the Greek National Authority of Assisted Reproduction.

Patients can expect the decision usually in a month.

IVF and Egg Donation in Pelargos Fertility in Greece

IVF Pelargos Fertility Group specializes in subfertility and mainly in recurrent implantation failures, endometriosis, and resistant PCOS. They provide egg donation and surrogacy services, offering thorough online or face-to-face-consultations, as well as IVF/ICSI/IMSI, PGT- A /PGT- M treatments, at cooperating state of the art embryological laboratory/IVF centers. They choose the ideal IVF clinic for each patient’s case and the patients can have their IVF/egg donation treatment there.

The main collaborating IVF center is the Institute of Life Fertility Specialists Center, one of the biggest and most modern IVF clinics in South Europe. They have access to a big pool of donors and can create egg donation packages, personalised to each couple’s desires, needs and budget.

Office at Pelargos IVF Greece

Pelargos IVF – Patient Experience

At the same time, Pelargos offers tailor-made, all-inclusive, no hidden costs, personalised, one-to-one services. They ensure that each couple talks to one fertility specialist throughout the treatment, from the initial consultation to the embryo transfer and the positive pregnancy test. They treat each case like it is unique and create custom-made protocols. Holistic care is offered through a dedicated team, which is based both in Greece and abroad and they assist each couple with everything that they may need, before, during and even after their treatment in Athens.

Also, free membership for a luxury concierge service called Elixir is offered for one week. This way each couple has a personal virtual concierge, before their arrival and throughout their stay to arrange everything they need in the touristic field.

Consultation room at Pelargos IVF Greece

IVF Pelargos Fertility Group Reviews

Patients have reviewed the clinic many times on Google Business Reviews. The average rating is 5.0. Here are some of the reviews posted online by patients:

“My name is Chanel and I just had a phone consult with Dr Harry, he spent 20 minutes of his time and didn’t charge me a dollar being that I’m overseas. The sweetest doctor I’ve come across. So knowledgeable, and reassured me things will be okay. If things work out how they should, I will not hesitate to do IVF with Dr. Harry! He didn’t sugarcoat anything, told me flat out how everything would workout, and recommended the proper testing. Told me he will follow up with me & should I have any questions I can reach out to him. A straightforward doctor. An incredible doctor. Rare!!! Deserves 1,000 stars! GO see him!!!!”

Reviewed by Cee Jay Coco

“I started my fertility journey back in 2019 in the UK with three rounds of unsuccessful iui treatments. I was advised to look at maybe using an egg donor due to my age and this would increase my chances of success. Unfortunately, the prices in the UK were astronomical and this would’ve meant that for me it would not be possible. My first round of IVF in February 2020, I had the two embryos implanted, unfortunately this was unsuccessful. The great communication continued and we discussed what we could change to make the chances of success better this time. I felt included every step of the way, understanding every stage with ease, even through the hard times of a failed attempt , the start of a pandemic and the COVID-19 testing: we were able to get another egg donor that would hopefully be more compatible and harvest the eggs by April which was amazing.

Out of 10 eggs that were harvested, 7 reached the embryo stage. These were 5 day blastocysts. This was amazing after only getting two the first time round. With the lockdown starting at this time and travel being difficult from the UK they were frozen. As soon as we were able to downcycle myself and arrange travel together with accommodation we were able to go ahead again in August 2020. The week before I was due to travel everything went wrong, a scan appointment with the radiographer at Harry’s request revealed a large fibroid. The scan showed that this fibroid was on the outside of my uterus. The fibroid was large 12.5 cm x 13 cm. I immediately contacted Harry who said he wanted to look into things, but would get back to me immediately, a phone call a few hours later confirmed that it was fine to go ahead with the implantation. He felt the fibroid, would not affect the chances of pregnancy, he would prefer it removed but it was my choice. However, a successful pregnancy for me might prove painful and challenging. The choice at this point was whether to go ahead now or get the fibroid removed. With seven embryos I decided to go ahead and take the risk with the support of Harry. This wasn’t the end of my problems as at this point my mother who was due to travel with me had a fall and broke her wrist she was unable to accompany me but luckily my auntie stepped in and took her place. I had two of the seven embryos implanted made a point of resting for four days after implantation before travelling home. To my immense joy this was successful and I was able to see a positive result on a home pregnancy test within 10 days. I then had the pregnancy confirmed with two blood tests a couple of days apart. This confirmed I was indeed pregnant. I had an early scan at seven weeks to confirm everything was okay and whether there were one or two embryos.

Where am I at now? I’m 47 years old, and I am very pleased to let you know I have a beautiful healthy baby boy born 7lb 14oz in May 2021. With 5 embryos still frozen and further opportunities to increase my family available. This is all thanks to Dr. Harry Karpouzis and the Pelargos IVF team at the Institute of life facility, Iaso Hospital in Athens , Greece. They will always hold a special place in my heart, “thank you guys so much, I might even see you again”.

Reviewed by Sarah O’Neill

“Dr Harris did a wonderful job at coordinating our ivf journey though we were based in Dubai. It was a very smooth and as less stressful as possible. Now we have a 5-month-old baby boy with us.”

Reviewed by Kyriaki Moisoglou

Get in touch with Pelargos IVF Medical Group and dr Harry Karpouzis for a consultation and advice.

IVF cost and treatment options at Pelargos IVF Medical Group

IVF Treatment options:

Woman up to 54 years old

Single woman

Lesbian couples

Fresh donor eggs

Frozen donor eggs


PGT-A (PGS) - embryo genetic testing

HIV positive - male

HIV positive - female

HBV/HCV positive - male

HBV/HCV positive - female

Gender selection (medical reason)

IVF costs:

IVF with own eggs: from €3,200

Egg donation fresh cycle: from €5,700

Egg donation frozen cycle: Not available

Medical consultation: from €80

Frozen embryo transfer: from €1,200

Embryo donation: from €5,100

Donor sperm: from €300

Egg donors availability:

Egg donor race:

Caucasian (white)

Hispanic (Latino)


African (black)




Egg donor anonimity:


Non anonymous

Donor pictures:

Donor picture

Donor as a baby picture

Donor egg source:

Egg Bank located at the Clinic

External Egg Bank

Ask about IVF treatment costs

Harry Karpouzis, Scientific Director, Pelargos IVF Medical Group

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Egg Donation Programs
- Pelargos IVF Medical Group



Basic information

Program with donor's oocytesFresh oocytes

Waiting time for donor eggsup to 3 months

Maximum number of visits in clinic2 visits

The maximum time of stay (days)4 days

Basic Guarantees

No. of oocytes: 8

Embryos day 3:4

Embryos day 5:2

Additional costs required

Additional Costs


First medical consultation (qualification)


Embryologist consultation


Program qualification tests for woman


Program qualification tests for partner


Recipient's medications


Donor's medications and all other costs


Sperm freezing before the program




Blastocyst culture (embryo development till day 5th)


Vitrification of (remaining) embryos and storage for 1 year


ET - Embryo transfer








AH - assisted hatching


Embryo Glue


Embryo Monitoring (Embryoscope, Time Lapse, Geri)


No. of IVF cycles included in package


Other procedures and costs

Donor Genetic Screening (e.g. CGT, Recombine)


PGT-A (PGS) - genetic embryo testing


Donor sperm


FET - Frozen Embryo Transfer


Terms, conditions and payment

Terms, conditions and payment:

1-week free membership for a luxury concierge service called Elixir is included. This way every couple has a personal virtual concierge, before their arrival and throughout their stay, for anything they might need. With this free membership, can also benefit from discounts, complimentary services, and priorities at hotels, rooms, restaurants, shops, etc.

Have questions about IVF packages?

Harry Karpouzis, Scientific Director, Pelargos IVF Medical Group

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Pelargos IVF Medical Group - Experience and Team

Clinic operates since: 2015

No. of IVF cycles (donor eggs): 68

No. of IVF cycles (own eggs): 59

No. of fertility doctors: 3

No. of embryologists: 0

MD MRCOG DIUE Harry Karpouzis

Scientific Director

Experience: 14 years

Languages: English, Greek

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MD, PhD Vasilis Chatziantoniou

Haematology consultant

Experience: 16 years

Languages: English, Greek

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MD Eleftheria Pirounaki


Experience: 17 years

Languages: Greek, English

Book Consultation

Panos Roubesis

Consultant urologist

Experience: 15 years

Languages: Greek, English

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Maria Kalagbor

Medical Concierge/Facilitator

Experience: 7 years

Languages: Greek, English

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Harry Karpouzis, Scientific Director, Pelargos IVF Medical Group

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Pelargos IVF Medical Group - IVF with Donor Eggs Success Rates


*Data provided by clinic for 2020

You should know:

Presented statistics don't include any frozen embryo transfers within an IVF cycle. Be aware of treatment costs as some clinics include frozen embryo transfers in their statistics and FET may not be included in program cost.

How are the success rates calculated?

Fresh donor eggs

single IVF cycle success rate per embryo transfer:


Frozen donor eggs

single IVF cycle success rate per embryo transfer:


Average number of embryos transferred per embryo transfer

The higher number of embryos the higher risk of multiple pregnancy:


Preferred embryo transfer day

day 3 (cleavage) or day 5 (blastocyst):


Your individual chances to successful treatment

If you don't want to fall into IVF success rates trap, ask the clinic about your individual prognosis based on your age, medical history, previous treatments and infertility diagnosis.

Have questions about IVF success rates?

Harry Karpouzis, Scientific Director, Pelargos IVF Medical Group

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