Costs of ivf cycle with donor eggs

Depending on the country, costs of IVF with donor eggs are different. Most fertility clinics have free specialist consultations so you can know what the best option will be. Sometimes two IVF clinics in one country have a big difference in egg donation cost but that usually means that the clinic which is cheaper just doesn’t include all the additional costs like medication or some tests. So before you choose what you think is the cheaper clinic make inquiries and check if everything you need is included in IVF price. Otherwise later you can come into a sad realization that you will spend more than you would in the other fertility clinic you thought was a little too expensive. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look for a cheaper IVF with donor eggs! What we are saying you should look into egg donation prices and what the prices include.

There are some simple ways to save money on infertility treatments

First of all, you need to find the best destination. Of course if there’s a great, reasonably priced IVF clinic locally this will probably be the best option. However, depending on where you live you might just make a better deal going abroad to undergo egg donation treatment. For example in the USA the cost of single IVF cycle is about $9,000 while in Brazil and other South American countries IVF with donor eggs may cost almost half less! Also the IVF with fresh donor cycle in US costs from $25,000 to $45,000 and there are a lot IVF clinics abroad where you would pay half of this price or even less.

Some international patients combine egg donation procedures with going on holidays. You might think that this is a stressful period and not a proper time to relax with your family on a sunny beach in Brazil, Spain or Greece? Well it could be. So combining your infertility treatment with unforgettable holidays could bring not only financial benefit (read more about the most popular countries to undergo IVF with donor eggs) but also do good for the peace of mind of you and your partner.

Another way to save money is to try the option of shared donor egg program that can reduce the costs of IVF treatment even by 50%! Shared donor egg program means you will share the same donor with one or two couples. The pregnancy rates for this kind of procedure are the same as in a standard IVF with donor eggs treatment (if you want to read more, go the article 7 must know facts about success rates of IVF with donor eggs). You might also look for multiple cycle options with money back guarantee if IVF procedure is unsuccessful. IVF centers offer 50%, 80% or oven 100% refund.

Don’t forget to check the refund policy! It is sometimes worth paying a bit more and be insured in case the infertility treatment does not go as planned, and you will get some money back.

Keep your eyes open for the services that are not included in the price of IVF with donor eggs. It could be pre-screening tests or pregnancy testing and monitoring. Remember to make sure you check every detail.

You should make your own little investigation of the costs of IVF treatment but here’s a little insight into the costs of IVF with donor egg programs around the world.

What to check in prices of egg donation programs:

  • if the primary consultation is included in the cost
  • if medications needed for a donor are included in the cost (very often medications costs are excluded from the main cost; make sure to check this)
  • if your medication is included in the IVF costs (such cost is rarely included in the basic costs)
  •  if ICSI is included in the treatment price (every IVF clinic has their own policy, so check this out by yourself)
  • if embryo freezing and monitoring is included
  • if sperm freezing cost is included
  • if blastocyst transfer is included in the price

What to check in the price of IVF treatments:

  • if consultation is included
  • if tests and screening of male and female diseases are included
  • if sedatives are included in the basic costs
  • if ICSI is included
  • if embryo monitoring and freezing are included
  • if blastocyst transfer is included
  • if medication for the recipient and the donor is included
  • if sperm freezing is included


There are some things individuals might forget when choosing a cheaper option for infertility treatments abroad. There are some additional costs that might have slipped your mind. Make sure to check additional costs before finally picking an infertility clinic abroad.

Travel costs

If you find an infertility clinic locally than there is nothing to say here, except you have to pay for gasoline or bus fare, etc. But when an IVF center is located in another country then the best option to visit the chosen clinic will probably be a flight which could make the whole procedure more expensive. More than that it might happen that you will visit the IVF center two or more times, and you will have to organize some accommodation, unless IVF clinics takes care of this for you. Things look a little brighter if you have decided to go on vacation and combine your relaxing holidays with successful IVF or IVF with donor eggs.

Take the advantage of low cost airlines that connect lots of European cities. You will not have any problems with airport transfers, as many IVF clinics offer pick up and drop off services. Alternatively you might ask the international department, that every reliable IVF center has, to arrange the transfer for you.


Medication for the recipient and the donor is very often not included in the main cost of IVF with donor eggs or IVF treatment. IVF clinic sometimes assumes you will bring your own medication from where you are traveling but most times IVF centers don’t include medication into the IVF costs. Don’t forget to ask if you will need to pay for IFV meds out of your pocket.

Local monitoring

You will probably need to find a gynaecologist that will monitor and do tests during the cycle. All those tests, ultrasounds, hormone level checks and so on will be your additional costs if your insurance doesn’t cover that. Contact your insurance company to find out more.

Absence at work

Do not forget that IVF treatment will be a period when you will be needing to take some days off  which are not necessarily paid for days. So remember to check how this will impact your income and household budget during your IVF treatment.

Freezing of embryos

If fortune smiles at you and you will get pregnant during your first cycle you will surely need to add some extra costs to the price. You will have to decide if you want to have the rest of embryos frozen and stored in case you decide to undergo yet another IVF with donor eggs program This service is not free, not always anyway. Some IVF clinics offer one year of free storage but the initial freezing is most often charged.

Failed IVF cycle

This is the worst case scenario you will have to consider. You may find yourself in a situation in which you have spent your money and the treatment has not been successful. Some IVF centers offer refunds and then you could continue your infertility treatment with the money you get back. But it all depends on what treatment plan has been chosen by you. It is always worth having a backup plan and always remember  to ask the fertility clinic about their refund policy before you finally pick that center.

Costs in regions and per country

Costs of IVF with egg donation: fresh cycle – from $25,000 to $45,000. IVF with frozen eggs is about $17,000 + medication (for the donor – about $2,000 to $4,000 and for the recipient is from $500 to $1,000).

The whole treatment with frozen donor eggs should cost around $25,000 which should cover also blastocyst transfer and ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection). Embryo freezing could mean another $700 (many IVF clinics offer the first year of free freezing, but during the following years the storage might cost about $700 each year).

Multiple cycles with fresh donor eggs cost about $37,000-45,000 and usually include blastocyst transfer and ICSI, all laboratory services, fertilization, egg retrieval, assisted hatching, embryo transfer and cryopreservation (for definite period of time; of course, after that you will need to pay extra for another period).


IVF with donor eggs costs in European countries are significantly lower than in the USA, and egg donation program usually costs from  3,500 to 10,000 Euros. If you want to find out more about the cost of IVF treatments per clinic,  click this link. We would also recommend reading EggDonationFriends news where you can find various information about leading IVF centers in Europe.


The cost of IVF with ICSI in Thailand is approx. 3,500 Euros and the price  includes medical appointments, blood tests, ovum pick up, fertilization and blastocyst culture. The cost of IVF with donor eggs in South Korea is twice more expensive than in Thailand and starts from 7,000 Euros. The cost of IVF with donor eggs in Singapore starts from 9,000 Euros to 17,000 Euros.