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Are you looking to be a mom through egg donation?

Are you looking to be a mom and are not able to use your own eggs? Egg donation can be the solution you need. Usually, egg donation cycle is recommended for patients who do not produce their own eggs (for example they have gone through premature menopause) or have eggs which cannot be used during in vitro fertilization. Some of the recipients decide on egg donation cycle after surgical removal of ovaries or because of previous cancer treatment (chemo- or radiotherapy) which are known to significantly decrease fertility. Egg donation is also recommended by doctors to women who were born with no ovaries or with a medical history of multiple IVF failures.

There are many medical reasons for women to go the egg donation route. All females who are thinking of trying this method should have thorough tests and screening done and consult a fertility specialist.

Here is the list of the most common medical indications for egg donation:

  • woman’s ovaries have been infected in the past – this can cause serious disorders and patients may be later unable to produce their own eggs,
  • woman underwent surgery in the past and her ovaries were surgically removed,
  • lack of egg release that is a result of the early onset of menopause,
  • woman’s eggs are of poor quality or too few in number,
  • woman has already entered menopause but wants to have children and is physically able to get pregnant and give birth to a child,
  • the potential recipient has birth defects such as missing ovaries, or other serious anatomical disorders,
  • in case of cancer when it is necessary to surgically remove ovaries or perform invasive therapy; if post-cancer patients are healthy and want to become mothers, egg donation is the solution for them,
  • an option for same-sex couples that would like to be parents – in case of male same-sex couples egg donation and surrogacy are needed,
  • if there is a serious risk the baby can inherit a genetic disease from their mother or a genetic disease from their parents,
  • if the patient experienced multiple IVF with own eggs failures or several miscarriages,
  • when a couple has been diagnosed with unexplained infertility

Over the last few years egg donation has become more and more popular and publicly talked about. Also an increasing number of patients are using this procedure. This is because egg donation has become accessible and due to high competition between IVF clinics abroad, the treatment became affordable for most patients. Furthermore, egg donation proves to be successful in building new families which could otherwise never exist. Remember that only medical consultation can help you make a good decision about your treatment. Make sure with your doctors that there are no contraindications for pregnancy for you and that you can undergo the program. We do not recommend trying to work around it by finding a doctor abroad who will be more favorable.

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