How to start and prepare for IVF egg donation?

Before you decide on egg donation during your in vitro program remember that this kind of treatment may impact all aspects of your life – both physically and emotionally. You need to be aware that failure in this process is a possibility). Talk to you doctor and other patients about potential risks and advantages of this kind of treatment. That may help you in becoming familiar with the topic. Below you will find some useful tips and hints that may help you prepare for egg donation.

  • Take care of your health – it is more likely that your treatment will be successful if you are healthy and in a good shape. That means both you and your partner should maintain a proper weight, eat a balanced diet, abstain from cigarettes, drugs and alcohol and exercise regularly (but not excessively). Try to avoid stressful situation and find some time to relax. That may also mean that you will need to change your lifestyle a bit.
  • Talk to your physician and follow her/his instructions – it is a matter of trust but also of your treatment. Listen to your doctor’s orders, undergo all tests and take the medications she or her prescribes. Follow other instructions – do not assume that you know yourself and your body better than your physician. Remember that it is your right to receive complete information about all possible treatment options, risks and chances for a healthy pregnancy. Consider all aspects of egg donation, if necessary consult more than one doctor and then make your decision. You do not need to hurry with that.
  • Check all legal issuesread about legal regulations that concern egg donations. Law may differ between countries and states. The clinic you will choose should provide you with the documentations and legal forms. They state the terms of the procedure, ownership rights to the eggs and future responsibility for a child. Make sure that you understand their contents and that all parties have signed them properly. If it possible consult with a lawyer or law advisor.
  • Prepare yourself emotionally – talk to your partner about potential consequences of your treatment, share your thoughts and doubts with people you trust, consult with a psychologist. Such meeting may help you to handle possible emotional risks and prepare yourself for difficult situations in the future. Therapy is also a great way to alleviate stress and gain additional perspectives on what you are going through. It is a challenging moment in your life so do everything to prepare yourself and find calm in your emotions.
  • Think about financial issues – in vitro with donor eggs usually demands more money than regular treatment, including clinic price, sometimes donor’s compensation or agency’s fee, all your visits and drugs and other expenses. It is important to be aware of all costs before you start your treatment, especially if you are planning to have your egg donation cycle abroad. Then you need to think also about your travel and accommodation expenses.
  • Choose your clinic carefully – don’t leave thinking about which clinic you would like to go to for the last minute. The amount of possibilities and choices locally or abroad will give you a head ache if you will be forced to make a quick decision. This choice will have impact on all other aspects connected with the treatment like the price, travel expenses and all other additional expenses. Choosing a clinic is one of the most important choices and that is why you should not be hasty! A better clinic gives you better chances of getting pregnant so be sure to investigate this matter throughout and maybe use the help of services experienced in such tasks.
  • Think about what donor you want – another thing you shouldn’t leave for the last minutes. You must not only decide if you want a known donor or anonymous one. Both choices have different implications. Choosing a known donor will force you to come with some kind of an idea about the future relationship between her and the child. Whereas if you want the donor to be anonymous you have to think about the characteristics and attributes. Don’t wait with the thinking till a clinic provides you with the available donors! Think about your requirements earlier. Various countries and clinics have different donor data access policies so sometimes the information available about the donor will be very small with skin color and standard physical attributes while in other cases you could even know if the donor has freckles and plays the piano!
  • Fresh or frozen eggs? – Very important matter, again think about it earlier don’t leave it hanging. This might be one of the toughest nuts to crack. Statistically fresh eggs give you a slightly higher chance to successfully conceive and you get more eggs than when deciding for frozen ones. On the other hand it is said that frozen eggs are cheaper and the egg banks give you a wider selection of donors – however it’s not a rule!. You must also think about the medication for the donor if you want fresh eggs, it can be a bit pricey – usually donor’s drugs are included in the program cost.
  • Organize your time – you should know that your treatment may demand dedicating time and energy. Think earlier about logistics at your work, organize visits, book some extra days only for yourself. Remember that if you get pregnant, it will affect all aspects of your life. This will be a time when you need to take care about yourself even more.