IVF Egg donation risks and complications

Remember that each medical procedure carries some kind of risk. There are complications and side effects of medications used and with all surgeries. Patients should be aware of that and have complete information about each aspect from their doctor.

I. Donors

Donors may face a problem of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome and other attendant symptoms. That may include abdominal swelling, gastrointestinal stress, fluid accumulation, a large amount of weight gain, breathing difficulties, blood clots and kidney failure. However most of these additional symptoms are very rare. Each woman who undergoes egg donation as a donor should be on a very strict medical control. Of course it applies both to a stimulation part and pick up and a time after this procedure.

There are some notifications there may be risk due to taking drugs used to stimulate ovaries. Complications may also occur during and after the process of retrieving eggs. Some women claimed that this surgery was painful for them or they experienced bleeding, infections or other damage of their internal organs. Sudden onset of abdominal pain may also occur because to twisting of an enlarged ovary.

Of course monitoring procedures during the period of stimulation, and the time needed to perform the egg retrieval itself will result in a certain amount of inconvenience. Since it is theoretically possible that not all of the developed eggs will be recovered at the time of retrieval, there is a risk that a donor may become pregnant if she engage in unprotected intercourse during the egg donation cycle.

II. Egg recipient

A minimal risk is also connected with anesthesia and embryo transfer procedure. You should be informed about all possible scenarios that may develop during your in vitro program. Couple also need to be aware that there is no guarantee that the treatment will result in pregnancy or that pregnancy will end with child birth.

III. Psychological aspects

Both egg donor and egg recipient may experiences emotional difficulties and stress. Sometimes it is a matter of doubts and feelings typical for adoption process. To avoid depressions, mental problems, conflicts and to support all decisions it is recommended to consult therapist or psychologist. Talking to specialist may help both sides to understand better all emotions and dilemmas and make a responsible decision about next steps.

There may be additional risks of donating eggs, which at the present time have not yet been identified. Since this method is a relatively new procedure, we expect that doctors learn more about the long-term effects of donor eggs in the future after additional research.

Prior to decide on in vitro with donor eggs it is highly recommended that you discuss in detail all potential risks and side effects with your fertility physician. For the more you may consider additional consultation with psychologist.

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