IVF AWARD 2016: First Egg Bank – Egg Bank of the Year

EggDonationFriends have awarded this fertility institution IVF AWARD 2016 in the category of Egg Bank of the Year 2016. First Egg Bank has been established in 2008 employs qualified well-trained fertility staff (6 doctors, 14 midwives/nurses, 10 embryologists and 8 customer service staff members). In 2015 First Egg Bank conducted 2,385 IVF egg donation cycles – very impressive numbers.

Why did EggDonationFriends decide to award First Egg Bank?

Did you know that First Egg Bank is the largest European egg donor bank of vitrified oocytes? This bank belongs to Medicover Fertility Family. This group gathers European fertility clinics and offers considerably high success rates. First Egg Bank works closely with twelve IVF with donor eggs clinics in Europe. This is exactly what you are looking for.

What is important for you, the future prospective parent, is that First Egg Bank offers more than 450 egg donors (available for stimulation in fresh cycles) and over 5,000 first class vitrified donor oocytes. They are available for booking at any time. The egg bank offers a variety of phenotypes to choose from: Slavic, Asian or African phenotypes.

Also, you need to know that First Egg Bank operates in compliance with EU-Tissue Directives and is able to legally export frozen donor eggs/sperm in all European Union states, the UK, Australia, Latin America, Asia, and Africa! Find out some real numbers from First Egg Bank:

  • 97% – average survival rate,
  • 97% – embryo cleavage,
  • 82% – fertilization rate.

This oocyte bank aims to improve their results every year – they have reached 64% clinical pregnancy rate by 2017 but anticipate that this number will grow in the nearest future.

first egg bank belgium egg donation
First Egg Bank Team with their IVF AWARD 2016

Why did First Egg Bank take part in IVF AWARD 2016?

Thanks to the efforts of the employed IVF professionals, First Egg Bank has created a trustworthy egg bank, which provides a variety of egg/sperm donor material but also quality control system, and safe cryoshipping under personal supervision of our experienced medical couriers. First Egg Bank shares the responsibility for the oocytes provided and offers a unique solution – Embryology KIT, which enables the bank to achieve the highest possible results.

What does it mean to First Egg Bank to win the Award in this category?

The granted IVF AWARD 2016 is a result of First Egg Bank team’s diligence. The team is putting a lot of effort in helping international patients to become a parent and start a happy family. This award motivates the bank’s fertility experts to achieve more, discover new solutions and constantly improve the services of the bank. IVF AWARD 2016 is a motivational and inspirational factor; First Egg Bank is going to continue to search for fresh ideas, large-scale projects, and reliable partnerships worldwide. The whole First Egg Bank team thanks EggDonationFriends for their trust.

Find your egg donor with First Egg Bank today

Using First Egg Bank to select an egg donor is fast and easy. Now you can do it from the comfort of your own home or when on holiday. Simply use the online Donation Service©: log on the website, receive access to the database of egg donors (450 egg donors!) and make a selection. If you are in need of assistance, get in touch with First Egg Bank’s customer service coordinator. Bear in mind: egg donor matching is entirely FREE for all First Egg Bank’s patients. Good luck!

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