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My IVF Story – Fertility Issues at 31

I remember vividly my time at college, the three of us spending day and night together, Sue, Betty and myself. We went shopping, had great times on our holidays and shared all of our hobbies. Although Sue and Betty had boyfriends, and I did not, we still kept spending time together. It was at Sue’s wedding that I met Colin, not particularly tall and without any eye-catching accoutrements, but still something about him had my attention. It wasn’t long before Betty and Chris were getting married, and a few weeks later so were Colin and I.

A year had gone by when Colin and I started trying for a baby. Sue, Betty and I all thought it would be a great idea to get pregnant at the same time so our children would be born close to each other and grow up with each other as friends. We would chat about pregnancy, choose baby clothes and take walks together. Betty was the first of us to announce a pregnancy and just a few weeks later Sue shared her happy news with us, she was pregnant too. All this time I would dream of two lines showing up on a pregnancy test and imagine jumping on my friends to announce the news. When we would all get together Sue and Betty would discuss, without pausing for breath so it seemed, doctor’s visits, baby pushchairs and how excited their own parents were at being grandparents. Unfortunately there was nothing I could do about my negative emotions and although I was walking on air because of Sue and Betty being so happy I was also worried about my potential fertility problems at such a young age, 31.

Sue and Betty both gave birth to gorgeous babies and our times together became fewer and further between because of my professional ifs ands and buts. The reality was I couldn’t handle my negative emotions. One evening I told Colin we should visit a doctor and find out the reason I wasn’t getting pregnant. We did a ton of basic and additional medical tests and it came back that the only way I could get pregnant was through in vitro. Colin and I felt such relief at having the answers and a solution at our fingertips that we simply couldn’t wait to tell our family and friends. Unfortunately three failed IVF treatments later and the doctor told us the only chance we had was IVF with donor eggs, despite my young age.

I simply could not bear the thought of using donor eggs. I still believed that my fertility would kick in and we would conceive naturally. I kept thinking that if went through IVF with donor eggs at my clinic it would cost a lot of money.

IVF With Donor Eggs – A Helping Hand

One summer evening Colin and I were enjoying ourselves with his parents when his mother asked me what was wrong. Although reluctant to discuss our problems at first, once I saw her warm and kind eyes I opened up immediately and burst into tears, telling her everything. I never imagined that at 31 I would be undergoing IVF treatment with donor eggs. It was then that she told me a secret that even Colin didn’t know about, she herself had trouble conceiving when she was my age and because IVF wasn’t a thing at the time they chose the next best option, adoption. She said she was the happiest woman in the world and that being a mother meant everything to her, and if she had had the option to undergo IVF with donor eggs then she would have jumped at the chance. She persuaded me to undergo IVF with egg donation at a fertility clinic and said that if we had any money problems then I shouldn’t hesitate to say something.

The next day I called the fertility clinic so that I could undergo the procedure as fast as possible.

Thankfully the procedure was successful and we are now enjoying another pleasant summer evening at Colin’s parents with our daughter Mary, named after her grandmother.

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Looking for "best" IVF clinic abroad?
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