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iGin is based in Bilbao (Spain). Their experienced and highly qualified medical team will help you accomplish the dream of having a child, aided by the most advanced procedures of assisted reproduction and guiding you throughout the process.

The facilities at iGin benefit from spacious and freshly designed reception and waiting areas, patient rooms, own laboratory and operating theatre. The team at iGin are aware of the emotional load and the economic commitment implied when undergoing assisted reproduction treatments. The staff’s mission is to provide comprehensive medical care with a holistic approach, helping individuals and infertile couples achieve positive results even in the most complicated cases.

IVF and egg donation at iGin in Spain

Dr Iñigo Davalillo

Their medical team is led by Medical Director, Dr. Iñigo Davalillo, who graduated from Medicine and Surgery at the University of the Basque Country and specialised in Gynecology and Obstetrics at Cruces Hospital, expanding his professional development in Reproductive Medicine at various centres across Spain. Dr. Davalillo is a speaker at national and international medical conferences. Also, a team of seven specialized doctors, five embryologists, anaesthesiologists, clinical nurses and patient care assistants are there to take care of your needs. In addition, the international coordinators can assist all patients travelling from abroad, acting as a link between them and the clinic and guiding them throughout their fertility journey. Thanks to this, patients are able to undergo preparatory tests and procedures from their home country, only having to travel to the clinic for the essential parts of the treatment, such as an ovarian puncture or embryo transfers.

Institute iGin

iGin is equipped with the most advanced technology in the field of assisted reproduction. The combination of professional excellence, the use of such technology and close, personalized and genuine contact has allowed the clinic to be at the forefront of reproductive medicine, welcoming patients from all over Europe and obtaining above-average success rates for all our fertility treatments. The reproductive specialists at iGin recommend and practice fertilisation with a fresh partner’s sperm as it allows patients to avoid the extra costs for sperm freezing (EUR 215). Therefore, sperm freezing is not necessary in most cases and is rarely practiced by the clinic. All donors at iGin are under 30 years of age.

The egg donation program detailed below also includes the HERES carrier screening test for both the recipient and the donor.

Reception at iGin

iGin Reviews

If you are considering choosing iGin as your clinic, check some of the Google Business Reviews posted online by patients. You can see more reviews on Google (over 120 iGin reviews) with an average rating of 4.5.

“We came to IGin on the advice of friends and we couldn’t have made a better choice. We were welcomed by professionally trained people, always available and incredibly human. Throughout our journey, we have had support, clear and timely information and the staff at our disposal. Nicholas, Erica and Stefania were extremely important to us. It was enough to say our name because they knew exactly our situation and where we were and for us this was very important and allowed us to live the experience peacefully. Our little one will arrive in December, a beautiful Christmas present :-)”

Reviewed by Irene Pagano

“Simply fantastic! Five stars are also few in my opinion. After five years of searching for a pregnancy without getting results, and several cycles of MAP in Italy, with them we saw our first positive, an immense joy! Very good the very prepared Doctor who has chosen the most suitable therapy for me who have several hormonal problems, not easy to manage. Nicholas, Erika and Stefania are unique, not only for their professionalism but also and above all for their humanity. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, I found myself in a complicated situation but they were able to manage everything in the best possible way both bureaucratically and morally with great affection.
What can I say … a clinic that makes the difference, that follows you before, during and after. As already said by other couples, in this clinic you are not a number but a person with a dream to fulfill. Many thanks from our hearts, Stefania and Raffaele”

Reviewed by Stefania

“Thanks to the Igin Institute in Bilbao, we have managed to realize our dream of becoming mothers with the ROPA method. All very professional right from the start and with empathy and professionalism in welcoming us and explaining each step. Thanks to them, Giacomo our little and great pride (4155 kg) of pure love was born on 27/06/21. Trust them and you will not be disappointed.”

Reviewed by Federica Rosso

Ovarian rejuvenation therapy at iGin is a viable choice for women facing diminished ovarian reserve and is priced at EUR 1,180. This procedure makes use of platelet-rich plasma obtained from the patient herself. The clinic also offers endometrial rejuvenation through PRP therapy, which helps promote a thicker and more nourished endometrial lining. Intrauterine revitalization treatment is administered only to patients who medically require it and meet the specific criteria for such therapy.

IVF cost and treatment options at iGin

IVF Treatment options:

Woman up to 50 years old

Single woman

Lesbian couples

Fresh donor eggs

Frozen donor eggs


PGT-A (PGS) - embryo genetic testing

HIV positive - male

HIV positive - female

HBV/HCV positive - male

HBV/HCV positive - female

Gender selection (medical reason)

IVF costs:

IVF with own eggs: from €5,985

Egg donation fresh cycle: from €8,665

Egg donation frozen cycle: Not available

Medical consultation: from €0

Frozen embryo transfer: from €1,860

Embryo donation: Not available

Donor sperm: from €435

Egg donors availability:

Egg donor race:

Caucasian (white)

Hispanic (Latino)


African (black)




Egg donor anonimity:


Non anonymous

Donor pictures:

Donor picture

Donor as a baby picture

Donor egg source:

Egg Bank located at the Clinic

External Egg Bank

Ask about IVF treatment costs

Iñigo Davalillo, Medical & Executive Director, Specialist in Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Medicine, Specialist in endoscopy and laparoscopy, reproductive surgery, iGin

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Egg Donation Programs
- iGin

Egg Donation Program


Basic information

Program with donor's oocytesFresh oocytes

Waiting time for donor eggsImmediately

Maximum number of visits in clinic2 visits

The maximum time of stay (days)7 days

Basic Guarantees

No. of oocytes: 8

Embryos day 3:None

Embryos day 5:2

Additional costs required

Additional Costs


First medical consultation (qualification)


Embryologist consultation


Program qualification tests for woman


Program qualification tests for partner


Recipient's medications


Donor's medications and all other costs


Sperm freezing before the program




Blastocyst culture (embryo development till day 5th)


Vitrification of (remaining) embryos and storage for 1 year


ET - Embryo transfer




Donor Genetic Screening (e.g. CGT, Recombine)


AH - assisted hatching


Embryo Glue


Embryo Monitoring (Embryoscope, Time Lapse, Geri)


No. of IVF cycles included in package


Other procedures and costs





PGT-A (PGS) - genetic embryo testing


Donor sperm


FET - Frozen Embryo Transfer


Terms, conditions and payment

Terms, conditions and payment:

A min. of 8 mature donor oocytes and at least 2 blastocyst-stage embryos are guaranteed. In the event of this not happening or when there is only one embryo and the patient does not achieve a pregnancy or has a miscarriage, the patient will only have to pay for the embryo transfer in a subsequent treatment; the remaining costs will be covered by the clinic. This warranty does not apply in case of male factor infertility. Payment should be made: 50% at the start of the treatment and 50% by the day of the egg pick-up. The recipient's medication cost may vary depending on the individual case. It may be higher in the case of complicated cases that require advanced investigation.

Have questions about IVF packages?

Iñigo Davalillo, Medical & Executive Director, Specialist in Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Medicine, Specialist in endoscopy and laparoscopy, reproductive surgery, iGin

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iGin - Experience and Team

Clinic operates since: 2013

No. of IVF cycles (donor eggs): 417

No. of IVF cycles (own eggs): 476

No. of fertility doctors: 8

No. of embryologists: 4

MD Iñigo Davalillo

Medical & Executive Director, Specialist in Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Medicine, Specialist in endoscopy and laparoscopy, reproductive surgery

Experience: 17 years

Languages: Spanish

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MD Nerea Vázquez

Specialist in Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Medicine

Experience: 12 years

Languages: Spanish

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MD Santiago Eduardo Novoa

Gynaecologist specialised in Reproductive Medicine

Experience: 16 years

Languages: Spanish, English, French

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MD Lorea García

Specialist in Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Medicine

Experience: 7 years

Languages: Spanish

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MD Leyre Davalillo

International Department Manager, Specialist in Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Medicine

Experience: 8 years

Languages: Spanish

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Embryologist Aida Gallastegi

Andrology & Laboratory Director

Experience: 10 years

Languages: Spanish

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Silvia Ruiz

International Patient Assistant

Experience: 4 years

Languages: English, Spanish

Erica Bartolone

International Patient Assistant

Experience: 9 years

Languages: Italian, Spanish

Héloïse Joly

International Patient Assistant

Experience: 9 years

Languages: French, Spanish, English

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Iñigo Davalillo, Medical & Executive Director, Specialist in Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Medicine, Specialist in endoscopy and laparoscopy, reproductive surgery, iGin

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iGin - IVF with Donor Eggs Success Rates


*Data provided by clinic for 2022

You should know:

Presented statistics don't include any frozen embryo transfers within an IVF cycle. Be aware of treatment costs as some clinics include frozen embryo transfers in their statistics and FET may not be included in program cost.

How are the success rates calculated?

Fresh donor eggs

single IVF cycle success rate per embryo transfer:


Frozen donor eggs

single IVF cycle success rate per embryo transfer:


Average number of embryos transferred per embryo transfer

The higher number of embryos the higher risk of multiple pregnancy:


Preferred embryo transfer day

day 3 (cleavage) or day 5 (blastocyst):


Your individual chances to successful treatment

If you don't want to fall into IVF success rates trap, ask the clinic about your individual prognosis based on your age, medical history, previous treatments and infertility diagnosis.

Have questions about IVF success rates?

Iñigo Davalillo, Medical & Executive Director, Specialist in Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Medicine, Specialist in endoscopy and laparoscopy, reproductive surgery, iGin

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    Spain is very popular IVF destination. We've prepared special section about IVF in Spain, where you'll find information about legal aspects, average IVF costs and average IVF success rates in Spain.

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