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When IVF with donor eggs fails, what next?

Although nowadays clinics all over the world communicate their high success rates, you have to remember that the treatment sometimes fails. When that happens you should think about taking some time to regenerate physically and emotionally. There is life after IVF. Before you decide what to do next, take these options under consideration:

Failed IVF cycle – take your time

According to experts you should take your time and try again after a couple of months if you still want to, of course. These treatments can be very stressful that is why you should take a break, forget about fertility drugs and take a “chill pill” instead. This should be the period of your mind and body renewal. Use this time to rethink your options and think about how you feel. You can also consider seeing a counselor.

However, if you feel you want to try again, discuss it with your clinic if you should try the treatment again. Go through your options with your doctor, should you try a different method or try the same one more time? Perhaps there are ways to improve IVF success to raise your chances a bit more.

Do not rush any decisions. After failed IVF with donor eggs, some people think that changing a doctor or a clinic is a good idea, especially when they have become frustrated with the lack of success. However, remember that your current clinic and its doctors know a lot about the specifics of your condition. Changing them could be the wrong way to go.

ivf failed what next

Reasons for unsuccessful IVF

Speak to your clinician about the reasons for unsuccessful IVF in general and why your treatment did not end with pregnancy. One of the most common reasons for lack of successful pregnancy is the embryos development failure. Very often it is not clear why the embryos do not develop in the womb properly but it could be caused by one of these reasons:

  1. It could be chromosomes problems – many healthy-looking embryos have defective chromosomes. This, in turn, may cause IVF failure.
  2. It may have been that the egg did not mature properly or the fertilized egg divided not how it should have.
  3. It could be because of the poor blood flow to the womb. If there is poor circulation in the womb, the chance for pregnancy is decreased and if you conceive there is a bigger chance of miscarriage. This could happen even if there is nothing wrong with the embryos.
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Another main reason for the unsuccessful IVF cycle is the cancellation of the treatment before collecting eggs or embryo transfer to the womb. This can also happen for various reasons. Here are some of them:

  1. Because of OHSS (Ovarian hyper-stimulation syndrome). Drugs used for egg production stimulation could enlarge the ovaries to dangerous extents.
  2. The ovaries could not respond to the fertility drugs at all.
  3. No embryos developed because the collected eggs were not fertilized.
  4. Sometimes when collecting the eggs it turns out there are none in the follicles. The follicles could develop but still be empty inside.

If you experience IVF donor egg implantation failure, your fertility doctor should investigate further what the causes are. Careful, step-by-step examination of IVF donor egg implantation failure and the patient’s circumstances should lead to alternative solutions.

IVF failed again – should I stop the treatment?

Your last IVF failed? After multiple attempts, there comes a time when you may decide to stop the treatment. Stopping or halting the IVF treatment for some time is an individual decision to make. Women do that for various reasons. Some of them are as simple as lack of financial capabilities when you simply cannot afford another try. Let’s not forget it is not a cheap procedure and another one could be even more expensive if you decide to spend some additional money to boost your chances. However, there are IVF clinics that offer the IVF refund programs.

There is also a chance you won’t be emotionally capable to try again or you will just feel that the treatment overwhelmed you and put too much stress in your life. All that is OK. Do whatever your intuition tells you – if you think it is high time to get on with your life and stop the treatment, simply do it. The decision could also be taken out of your hands if your specialist tells you that there is too little or no chance at all of getting pregnant. Either way, if you feel you need failed IVF support and a helping hand to get over failed IVF, consider contacting a fertility patient support group or a counselor.

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How many failed IVF before giving up – other options

Stopping the treatment does not mean you are out of your options. There are other people that were in the same situation as you. Some of them opted for surrogacy, some of them decided to adopt, become foster parents or even do volunteer work with children. You can contact such couples and seek their advice on what to do next. Whatever option you choose, make sure it feels right. You should also remember that many couples come to terms with their infertility and lead a full life with no children. Some of them even write blogs about their experiences and feelings. Many of them discover that their relationship and life after IVF can be stronger and meaningful.

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