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IVF Award 2015 – a closer look at the winners: the IREMA clinic

IVF Award 2016

Excitement after the IVF Awards 2015 wore off and we decided it’s a good time to take a closer look at all the winners, one at a time. Today we start from the IREMA clinic (The order in which the publications come out is not relevant).

All the participants provide treatments of the highest standards and quality. However there are areas in which some individual clinics dominate over the other.

One of those individuals was the IREMA clinic from Spain which staff showed exceptional skills in providing best Personalised Treatment for which they were awarded in this year’s IVF Award.

The award for the personalised treatment isn’t of course the only thing defining the IREMA clinic as a clinic of high standards. IREMA offers a wide range of high quality services performed by true experts in the assisted reproduction techniques including gynaecology, reproductive biology, andrology and lab and nursing staff. Patients that appreciate safety and guaranteed quality will also be glad to hear that IREMA has official accreditation of the Health Ministry and are certified with ISO 9001 (It’s the Quality Management Systems Requirements which is an international standard controlling system)

As the saying goes: “Jack of all trades, master of none” – it’s not something that could be said about IREMA as their dedication is directed at reproductive heath exclusively making them true masters in IVF, egg donation and other procedures of the reproductive health.

Visit the IREMA clinic’s website at: www.irema.org to find out all about their treatments and staff.




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