IVF Egg Donation News

  • low ovarian reserve

    Low ovarian reserve and age – patient case study #IVFWEBINARS

    Does low ovarian reserve mean early menopause? Is it always connected with age? Can it be reversed? What is the best […]

  • embryo implantation failiure webinar

    Implantation issues and hormonal reproductive defects #IVFWEBINAR

    What causes implantation issues with IVF with own eggs or with donor eggs? What are the signs of embryo implantation […]

  • frozen donor eggs webinar

    How to buy frozen eggs: quality, availability and safety #IVFWEBINAR

    Are you in the middle of your fertility journey and considering using frozen donor eggs from an egg bank? Have […]

  • when ivf fails what next

    IVF failure and what’s next? #IVFWEBINARS

    What are the symptoms of IVF failure? And what are the reasons for IVF failure? Should I try again with […]

  • donor eggs guarantee

    No. of guaranteed eggs vs. no. of guaranteed embryos – what’s the difference? #IVFWEBINARS

    Have you noticed that some fertility clinics offer egg guarantees and embryo guarantees? Which option is best for you? What’s […]

  • IVF CLINIC AWARD 2017 – Gynem – Customer Service & Communications

    The last but not least IVF CLINIC AWARD 2017 winner is Gynem Fertility Clinic from Prague, the Czech Republic. Gynem […]

  • ivf courier

    Reliable cryoshipping for IVF – part 2 #IVFWEBINARS

    If you are planning your fertility treatment with donor eggs/sperm and you need to have the samples transported from an […]

  • IVF CLINIC AWARD 2017 – Assisting Nature – Innovations

    Assisting Nature, fertility clinic from Greece has been awarded (for the second time) the IVF CLINIC AWARD 2017 in the […]

  • donor eggs quality

    Donor eggs – it’s all about quality, no. of eggs & qualification process #IVFWEBINARS

    Are you planning to start IVF treatment using donor eggs? Do you have lots of questions about egg donation, donors [...]