How to maximze your IVF treatment chances

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There is no doubt In vitro fertilization is the fertility treatment with the highest success rates. However the chances to conceive with IVF are still not very high and many women don’t have a successful treatment. Couples are investigating and looking for the best clinics and fertility doctors to make their chances higher, however there are things you can do yourself to maximize the chances of a successful IVF treatment.

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5 ways to maximize your IVF chances

Get your dose od Vitamin D

Vitamin D can have a really good influence on your fertility. Even though you might think it is not important the research from the year 2014 shows that women which had Vitamin D deficiency had 39% lower chances of success with IVF compared to the women with normal Vitamin D levels. Also remember about folic acid!

Try to lower your stress levels

We know it’s kind of hard to not get stressed when someone tells you not to get stressed but you should just think about the benefits lowering stress levels could bring you. Just remember that stress is normal, and getting stress does not mean your IVF treatment will fail and you will not get pregnant. The thing is excesive stress has bad influence on almost everything, conception and even the quality of eggs included.

Furthermore there are studies that show that the hormone cortisol which is emitted because of stress might interfere with the implantation and block the estrogen activity in the endometrium. A lot of different studies show that lowering stress levels increases the chances of becoming pregnant.

Get to your optimal weight

Being overweight or obese can significantly lower your chances for a successful IVF treatment. So before you start the treatment try to get in shape just to have the optial weight and a normal BMI range. Overweight not only decreases the pregnancy rates but also the live birth rates and it increases the risks of miscarriage. Remember not to take it to far! underweight has very similar disadvantages when it comes to fertility and will also lower your chances to get pregnant.

Stay away from excesive exercising

Losing weight and getting in shape will increase your chances of success with IVF treatments however you should stay away from over-exercising. Too much exercise could mean physiological stress which could lower your chances for pregnancy. Don’t get us wrong some mild exercing and activity is good but you should not do any highly intensive workouts. If you want to exercise do it no more than three times a week and try yoga on the days you don’t workout.

Involve your partner

Don’t forget that sperm is also very important in the IVF process. Your male partner should also watch his weight and control the stress levels. You are partners and should go through this process together.