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Czechia – Fertility Destination 2022 for Refund Programmes

Czech Fertility Destination by Dimitris Kavakas

Czechia as a Fertility Destination

As the world moves forward from the COVID-era, travelling once again is eventually stabilised. Czechia has been established as a fertility destination for several years now. Patients from countries such as Germany, Italy, the UK, and the US, among others, find travelling to Czechia for IVF very attractive.

The main attraction of Czechia has been its favourable legislation regarding egg donation, which makes it one of the most relevant destinations for this treatment in Europe. Significant numbers of couples cross the border from Germany to get the treatment that their legislation does not allow them to perform in their home country. For US patients, it is the significantly lower cost that determines their choice. Others, such as the UK or Italian patients, focus on the high-quality care of the fertility clinics in Czechia, combined with the affordable price and availability of egg donors.

Prague and Brno have been the leading city destinations in the country for fertility treatment, with the first to have the advantage of easy access from several international airports. Recently, clinics in other smaller cities have started to promote their services, trying to get a share of the international fertility travel in Czechia.

Refund Guarantee Programmes in Czechia

We would ensure that Redia IVF is the most relevant provider of refund guarantee programmes for fertility treatments in Czechia. Furthermore, it is for several reasons:

  • our programmes are not limited to egg and/or sperm donation but also offer IVF with own eggs programmes with a refund guarantee of up to 100% and a combined IVF programme that starts with own egg IVF and moves to egg donation if live birth cannot be achieved;
  • refund guarantee programmes give fertility patients peace of mind, reduce worry or stress around the financial costs, and allow them to focus on the treatment itself. So they know, from the beginning, exactly how much the treatment would cost them;
  • other highlights of programs that are of excellent benefit to patients: their treatment’s medication costs, an essential part of the IVF expenses, are included in the price, and that all the programmes end with a baby birth, not a clinical pregnancy. Moreover, of course, they will get the invested money back in case of an undesired outcome.

Infrastructure and Clinic Quality

We partner with the best IVF clinics in the country to offer this unique opportunity to fertility patients, either local or international. One of the principal considerations for us is to associate with fertility clinics with the top infrastructure and cutting-edge IVF technology. This is extremely important to ensure the best possible chances of success. Several Czechia clinics, at least those Redia IVF partners with, have invested in top laboratory infrastructure, very qualified staff and patient care approach. That is what definitely makes Czechia one of the most attractive destinations in the refund guarantee portfolio of Redia IVF.

By Dimitris Kavakas, CEO of Redia IVF

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