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IVF after 40

IVF for women over 40 is not so uncommon as you might think. Many fertility clinics abroad have established excellent track records offering techniques and protocol for women who have diminished or no ovarian reserve due to their age. IVF at 40 does not represent ‘desperation’ or the ‘last throw …

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IVF with donor eggs and sperm

IVF with donor eggs and sperm

The use of IVF with donor eggs and sperm is now commonplace in the IVF field. Improved donor screening, vitrification processes and improvements in scientific technology and knowledge have contributed to ensure that procedures involving donor gametes are more successful than ever. IVF with donor eggs and sperm refers to …

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Spain as a Fertility Destination in 2021

Spain Fertility Destination 2021

We live in a globalised world where practically everything is within our reach, regardless of the county where it is manufactured. Medical Tourism is no exception to this fact, and the global figures are significant. More and more people are travelling to other countries to undergo medical treatment for different …

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