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Egg Donors in NGC Clinic

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Couples, who face the diagnosis of infertility, actively seek a solution to the problem with the help of modern medicine. In cases when attempts of ICSI and IVF did not bring the desired results, assistance of an egg donor becomes one of the best options.

Medical institutions, with their own database of candidates, offer the services to find potential participants for the procedure. They have a strict approach to the selection of the candidates in accordance with the requirements of the decree 107 N of the Russian Ministry of Health, which specifies the scope of the examination of the potential donor.

The experts at NGC clinic are leaders in the field of egg donor service for more than 10 years.If an egg donor is needed, on our website we have given all the necessary information on who can be a donor, which examination the candidate has to go through and how during the egg donation the selection of the genetic material happens. The biggest advantage of our bank of oocytes is the screening of the donor for carriage of 35 monogenic diseases.

Additionally, our specialists can help you with the selection of the egg donor, if you send us a request specifying the blood group and Rh factor of both spouses and attach your photos.

We provide full and complete information to our customers about professional and personal qualities of the egg (oocytes) donors and offer data about any medical and biological examinations that have been passed. You can know anything that interests you about the life of the woman, her marital status the existence of children. We abide by the anonymity in situations when an egg donor is needed , and we guarantee the confidentiality of information of the customer, as well as of the candidates for the collection of biological material.

In NGC clinic, there is no waiting list for recipients. The egg donor can be selected in the active database and will be involved in the ART program immediately.

When it comes to a service such as egg donation , the price of the individual analyses and the cost of treatment is a reason for anxiety for most patients. Depending on the conditions of the agreement, the donor service prices can vary.

Who needs an egg donor?

The procedure of in vitro fertilization with the use of egg donors is conducted to patients in connection with the following medical indications:

  • The absence of eggs in connection with the onset of menopause, premature exhaustion of the ovarian reserve, the removal of the ovaries, radiotherapy or chemotherapy, developmental abnormalities.
  • Inability to use eggs due to the presence of genetic diseases linked with the gender (e.g., hemophilia).f
  • Repeated unsuccessful IVF attempts, during which the lack of response ovarian stimulation was noted, getting poor quality embryos, after the tranfer of which pregnancy did not occur.

About contraindications for IVF with the use of egg donation. They are identical as those determined during the ordinary procedure of in vitro fertilization.

Who becomes an egg donor?

Women who wish to become an egg donor should know what is written about it in the legislation.

Egg donation procedure is governed by the decree № 107n of the Health Ministry of the Russian Federation from 30.08.2012 “on the use of assisted reproductive technologies, contraindications and limitations on their Application”

As stated in the Decree,an egg donor can be:

  • relatives and acquaintances of the recipient
  • anonymous donors.

The procedure can be carried out only after the egg donor signs an informed consent for carrying out superovulation and puncturing of the ovaries.

In case of resorting to such a service, the price for an incorrect choice may be too high. Therefore, as dictated by regulations, only women between the ages of twenty and thirty-five years and that have their own healthy child may become an egg donor. Also is required to have good health, appearance should be deprived of evident phenotypic features.

Egg donors must undergo a preliminary examination, which includes in itself:

  • Evaluation of a general practitioner about the health of the woman,in which there has to be absence of contraindications to surgery. This evaluation is valid for one year;
  • Evaluation of a psychiatrist on the state of the woman’s health;
  • the results of medical and genetic exmination;
  • results of a gynecological examination (required each time prior to stimulation superovulation);
  • urinalysis (required each time prior to superovulation);
  • ECG results (valid for one year);
  • the results of photoroentgenography (valid for one year);
  • the results of the clinical, biochemical analysis of blood and coagulation (required each time before the superovulation);
  • the results of blood tests for HIV, RW, as well as well as hepatitis B and C (valid for three months);
    results of smears on the flora of the urethra and cervix, as well as purity determination.

While choosing an egg donor (oocyte donor), the parents are guided by the medical recommendations on compliance with Rh factor and blood group. They also pay attention to the appearance of female candidates, evaluating the weight indicators, the growth and character features.

In NGC clinic, many donors are also tested for carrieage of 35 monogenic diseases, which are wide-spread in our population

How is the procedure done with foreign patients, who are looking for an egg donor in NGC clinic?

  • You contact the coordinator of the clinic’s donor programs, who picks a suitable egg donor for you.
  • For the best selection you will need to provide a photo of the patient, blood group and Rh factor of both spouses.
  • The Clinic’s Manager sends you a photo of suitable donors, and introduces you to doctor who will conduct your program.
  • The doctor sends you a treatment plan so that you can come for the the procedure of egg fertilization and transfer of them to the uterus.

The cycles of the donor and the potential future mother will be synchronized and stimulation of the ovaries of the female candidates will be done to generate high-quality egg cells, if using a program Fresh egg donation or if donor oocytes are taken from Cryobank clinic in a Frozen Egg donation program.

Benefits of NGC clinic for couples, who are looking for an egg donor.

  • A huge donor base, more than 300 candidates, more than 1,000 donor eggs in the bank
  • No waiting list
  • An in-depth examination of the egg donor -examination for carriage of monogenic diseases
  • The possibility of individual selection of a donor with the help of the clinic’s manager
  • Clear logistics, allowing the patient to come to the clinic for one day only
  • Pre-implantation diagnosis of the embryos, which allows to transfer only the healthy embryos into the cavity of uterus . Pre-implantation diagnosis (PGD) allows that.
  • The unique database which allows the selection of donors by 30 characteristics, including voice recording, motivation, characteristics of appearance and family anamnesis. Patients will be able to read a letter written by the donor’s hand, learn about their interests, preferences and aspirations.
  • Lowest prices in Europe on donor programms.Programma for Euro 3730 includes 12 donor eggs, fertilization, cultivation and transfer.Such prices in the clinic are designed to meet the requirements of all of our patients while maintaining a high quality of service and compliance with all European standards for embryology laboratories and clinic management.
  • High level of embryology laboratory contributes to the high survival of oocytes and embryos.Survivl of vitrified oocytes is never less than 90% and patients are offered 12 oocytes after their defrosting in the Cryobank.
  • Personal Manager helps you organize your visit with the possibility of meeting-seeing you off at the airport and settling in a hotel.NGC clinic cooperates with a large number of hotels in the immediate vicinity of the clinic for every taste and budget of the patient, as well as with real estate agents who can help choose an apartment,if you’re coming for a long period of time.

A large number of couples from all over the world who were looking for donors, found them in NGC Clinic! The number of programs with donor eggs in the clinic is about 30% of all the programs. Their wide variety allows the patients to use their own oocytes or combine them with the donor cells in IVF programs. They are the IVF program in a Natural cycle + 6 oocyte donor and the basic IVF, in which 6 donor eggs can be added at a discounted price. If you need a personalized approach to the donation programs, a personal manager can help you find a donor which completely suits your criteria with the help of a partner-agency with whom the clinic is working, to increase the offers of the database.These donor programs are more expensive, but they allow a couples seeking egg donors, to find just the right candidate.

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