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9 ways for cheaper IVF

IVF cheapest country

In vitro fertilization has helped millions of people around the world to become parents. Some of the couples need to repeat the treatment several times to be successful, some of them travel abroad to have affordable egg donor programs. However, some of the infertile people cannot afford to have more than one attempt or cannot afford IVF at all. Also they might need an egg donor and that makes the procedure even more expensive. Here are 8 steps for people looking for cheaper ways for IVF with egg donation:

Step 1 – Make use of the internet

Although it may seem obvious doing an internet search for cheaper IVF with donor eggs is a good start. First of all, this way you will find a lot more information about the subject and new information about egg donors and treatment. You will find a lot of fertility clinic sites and agencies but remember to use only certified and reliable sources. Our featured IVF clinics list is a simple way of finding a reliable clinic. You can also use the Clinic Matching Test which is a great tool that matches you with 3 clinics best fitted to your needs and they contact you with their offers.

Step 2 – Consider a multicycle package

It may seem that this option does not fit in the less expensive options because it is more costly than a single cycle IVF but in case your first or second cycle does not work, you are already covered and can go with a third one. In the long run it could save you a lot of money and you will be relieved of the stress that you have only one try.

Step 3 – Look for guarantees

A lot of clinics offer egg guarantees or embryo guarantees or IVF refund program with many options – usually IVF refund program includes all necessary techniques and frozen embryo transfers until the expected outcome. Again it is a more expensive option but you get the guarantee of successful treatment or your money back which makes it a cost-effective way.

Step 4 – Shared egg donor IVF

Whether you choose a known donor or an anonymous one, another couple or woman could split the costs with you making it much more affordable. Remember that this way you will only get half of the donor’s eggs so make sure you have a young and healthy donor. The average number of eggs from a young donor is 16 so this is enough for two recipients. Shared an egg donor will allow you to have a more affordable egg donor program.

ivf cheapest country

Step 5 – Maybe a donor you already know?

The cheapest option for IVF with egg donation would certainly be the help of a sister, cousin or a close friend who would give you eggs for free. If you want to know more about known and anonymous donors you can read about it here.

Step 6 – Consider frozen eggs

Research and data on frozen eggs show that the success rates are very similar to those using fresh eggs. A lot of clinics offer a package of 8 frozen eggs. Additionally among other options there is also a possiblilty for a shared frozen egg donation IVF which would make it even cheaper.

Step 7 – Look for grants and vouchers

To get a grant you would need to be really lucky. A grant is a free IVF which sometimes is offered for one patient at a clinic. However it is very unlikely to get it, it is still worth to give it a chance. Vouchers on the other hand can be more common. Offered by some clinics from time to time on various websites, vouchers could prove to lower the price of IVF egg donation significantly.

Step 8 – Insurance

It is hard to get insurance for IVF treatments, in some countries you can forget about it. If there is insurance coverage for IVF and other fertility treatments in your countries you need to check out what are the limitations and then start taking action like writing or contacting in another way your insurance provider.

Step 9 – Cheapest IVF with donor eggs – travelling abroad

If you live in the US, Canada, UK or any other country where IVF with egg donation is very expensive, you can try finding a clinic abroad. Some clinics in South America, Europe or in Asia can have the IVF treatments even 3 times cheaper while maintaining high standards of treatment.

No matter which of the steps you will take on your road to less expensive IVF with donor eggs treatments remember to read our IVF egg donation guide to have all the essential information.

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  1. I’ve been trying for a baby for 18 months without a result. My doctor said my eggs are not the best quality and I just found out that I would need IVF. Cheapest country is exactly what I’m looking for right now. Currently doing some research on Ukraine and Poland

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