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The first fertility clinic, Spain to introduce such advanced technology

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If you are in need of modern IVF treatment and looking for best solutions, best IVF clinics in Spain are a perfect destination to consider. Today let us look at one of the leading fertility clinics, Spain-based IVF-Spain. The clinic combines bespoke, specialist care and treatment with the latest technological advances. This Alicante IVF clinic offers patients like you the best possible opportunity to fulfill your dream of having a healthy baby.

Why is the clinic unique?

This fertility center is unique and that is exactly the way they view their patients; from the moment you contact the clinic and throughout your entire fertility journey, the specialists at IVF-Spain will ensure that your individual needs are met. Your requirements and options will be discussed every step of the way to ensure that you have all the information you need. The clinic’s doctors will adopt the most appropriate fertility treatment strategy specifically tailored for you so you do not need to worry about anything.

Experience brings knowledge and knowledge brings success. We know that high success rates are important for you. For almost a decade IVF-Spain Alicante has been providing the highest levels of expertise to address even the most complex fertility problems of their international patients. Did you know that the average success rate at IVF-Spain is 75%? You must admit that is a very high number.

IVF Spain - Alicante
IVF Spain – Alicante

Advanced Donor Egg Treatment at IVF-Spain

This would not be possible without the access to the top notch fertility technology. This Alicante IVF clinic is constantly investing in new resources which are aimed to give you the best possible opportunity to become a mother. Did you know that the clinic uses GERI incubator which is the most advanced of its kind? IVF-Spain is also the first fertility clinic in Spain to offer this to its patients.

So, what actually is a GERI incubator? As you already know, an incubator is crucial for the survival of an embryo when cultured outside of your uterus. The GERI embryo culture incubator offers an individualised environment very similar to that offered by your uterus. GERI incubator is simply designed to give each embryo the optimum chance of survival. And this is exactly what you are looking for! It also incorporates the latest version of the Eeva™ Test, an advanced embryo selection programme. It uses time-lapsed video to assess the developmental potential of embryos in the first few days of development.

Donor Egg Success Story

How can modern technologies help patients like you? Let us look at the story of Eduardo (42) and María (39). This is their IVF success story. This Spanish couple were looking for a high success rate donor egg IVF. They were disappointed and frustrated after receiving three IVF treatments with intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) in other clinics.

The couple were told the fertility issue derived from Mary’s eggs as they were not able to be fertilised even when the sperm was introduced directly via micro injection. The couple were advised to have donor egg ivf. Spain was still their chosen destination so Eduardo and María visited the fertility center Alicante-based IVF-Spain.

The fertility doctors at the clinic were able to utilise the high-resolution imagery offered by the GERI technology to observe María’s eggs during the micro injection process. Are you curious what they saw? It turned out the observation was crucial for the whole treatment! The doctors discovered  deficiency in Eduardo’s sperm rather than in the quality of María’s oocytes.

This information was crucial to give Eduardo and María an appropriate diagnosis and treatment to identify, isolate and recover Eduardo‘s viable sperm. Simply by changing the focus of the investigation with the help of expertise and technology, the doctors were able to help the couple realise their dream to conceive their own biological child.

Patient Care – full package

However, you need to know that at IVF-Spain Alicante there are no guarantees offered – no pregnancy is assured. The doctors are realistic and confident in their ability to utilise the shared experiences and knowledge of the staff. All patients will be offered the same high level of support; accurate and honest information and appropriate treatment. You can be certain that you will receive individualised care package, up-to-date technological solutions and scientifically proven treatment.

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