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Interview with Cyprus Dunya IVF Medical Director Dr. Berk Angün

Dr. Berk Angün, could you please tell us what makes your country stand out from other medical destinations?

Cyprus as a medical destination for IVF attracts a lot of patients from all over the world due to different reasons. First of all, Cyprus has very favourable legislation system which allows all types of Infertility treatments, forbidden in a lot of countries such as gender selection, egg donation, treating single women and women over 50. Second of all, Cyprus warm climate reduce the level of stress and it is not a secret that success rates can vary accordingly to the level of stress.  Clinical success rates and amount of live births are very high in comparison with other medical destinations. Finally, Cyprus clinics are not overcrowded with patients and Doctors are paying a lot attention and care to every single case of infertility.

What are the things couples should be careful about while choosing a clinic for egg donation? Choosing a clinic for egg donation is not an easy thing to do. A couple should be very careful while deciding which clinic to go for an egg donor cycle. First of all clinic should be trustworthy, patient oriented and experienced. Patient should be not afraid to ask all the possible questions they might have, share their worries and doubts. If a couple is relaxed and happy with the clinic they have chosen, then it is easier for a Clinic team to help them and achieve desired pregnancy.

What are the standards of treatment in your country?

Cyprus provides highest standards of treatments. In Cyprus infertility treatments are offered mainly by private clinics. All registered IVF clinics are following the rules and regulations of the Ministry of Health and Cyprus legislation system in terms of IVF sector. Cyprus clinics are experienced in the field and always improve the process of providing infertility care. International patient’s that will forgo the IVF treatment in Cyprus will be treated in the same way as the citizens of Cyprus, without any discrimination. Patients’ from abroad have the same rights as citizens of Cyprus so their treatment will be subject to the same rules and standards.

Why should couples chose Dunya IVF for their fertility needs?- Thank You very much for such a good question. In order to answer that question, I would like to refer to our patients’ reviews who went throw fertility treatment’s in Dunya IVF clinic. Our patients especially value us for personalised treatments, honesty, psychological support during the whole treatment process, experience In the field, desire to understand fertility situation and presenting most successful medical treatment. Dunya IVF clinic is designed to help infertile couples to become a family.

From which countries do your international patients come? Please specify the country name along with the average percentage of international patients from each country.

30 % of our patients are coming from United Kingdom and European Union countries such as Germany, France, Italy.

50% of our patients are coming from Middle East countries such as Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Jordan, and Israel.

15 % of international patients are coming from such CIS countries as Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan.

5 % its Overseas Patients come from USA, Australia and Canada.

Do patients expect treatment to be in their native language?

 It is well known that Language is very crucial factor as it connects people with each other and allows them to understand each other. Patients are feeling more relaxed and secure if the treatment is suggested in their native language. Likely, the majority of our patient’s expect to be treated in their native language, which allows avoiding miscommunication problems and providing the best quality medical services.

What percentage of patients from abroad are treated in their native language?

90 % of patients from abroad are treated in their own language.

In which languages do you offer treatment to international patients?

Treatments are offered mainly in English, Russian and Turkish languages.

Which services/procedures do patients most frequently use in your clinic?

International Patients most frequently choose Egg donation and Gender Selection Treatments in our Clinic.

How long do patients need to wait for donor eggs?

Cyprus has very wide donor base and no waiting list. Donor base has a variety of different nationalities and ethnicity groups which allows patients to start the treatment as soon as possible.

 By what criteria do patients choose treatment in (name of the country), as opposed to e.g. The Czech Republic?

Patients choose Cyprus as a medical destination for Infertility treatments by such criteria’s as success rates, experience in the field, treatment prices, personalized treatments, intimacy and care.

How can patients get more information about your treatments?

Please contact Dunya Clinic here >>>

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