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IVF CLINIC AWARD 2017 – InviMed – Intimacy & Care

InviMed, the winner of IVF CLINIC AWARD 2017 in the category of Intimacy & Care, is the biggest fertility diagnostics and treatment centre in the heart of Europe, Poland. InviMed clinics are located in 5 largest Polish cities (Warsaw, Wrocław, Poznań, Katowice and Gdynia) so they can be easily accessed by both Polish and international patients.

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InviMed specialists are proud of their success rates: 43% for IVF and 65.2% for IVF with donor eggs and the impressive number of 8,000 IVF babies born so far. The clinic employs the best fertility doctors and embryologists in Poland. 40 experienced specialists whose work is their passion. InviMed excels in patient service hence it is often chosen by patients from abroad. The clinic’s coordinators speak four languages: English, Polish, German and Swedish. InviMed also holds Trusted Clinic certificate which is given to clinics that offer transparent pricing and programs.

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Invimed Patient Coordinator Team

Best Intimacy & Care at InviMed

In this category EggDonationFriends award only clinics that have introduced solutions to ensure patients feel safe, have their privacy respected and receive support at every phase of their fertility journey. InviMed is such a clinic. Ferti Proof™ is a security system the clinic has implemented to guarantee the highest level of security if it comes to patients’ genetic material.

Ferti Proof™ is a Swedish electronic system of identifying patients. Every couple and every patient is assigned a unique code which is used to mark all samples, test tubes and containers. The type of treatment and its stage is also embedded in the code. Every activity performed in the lab (embryo transfer, oocyte collection, egg freezing, etc.) needs to be confirmed with scanning the patient code with an electronic reader. All patients can res assured that their biological material is safe, is not tampered with and human errors do not happen.

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We have spoken to Dr Kinga Ziółkowska, Consultant Gyneacologist from InviMed.

EggDonationFriends: You have previously applied for the IVF CLINIC AWARD in 2015. Why did you apply for IVF CLINIC AWARDS in 2017?

Dr Kinga Ziółkowska: We believe this kind of independent organization awards are important to promote good practices in the fertility field. This is important for patients when they need to find the right clinic for their fertility treatment. Also, this is important benchmark on the fertility market.

We decided to apply for IVF CLINIC AWARD 2017 as we believe that in times of very dynamic growth of the IVF market this is very important to check if methods, campaigns and security systems we use are the best. The award for the best Intimacy & Care has proven that we indeed have top quality patient care.

EDF: What does it mean to InviMed team to be noticed in Intimacy & Care category?

Dr Kinga Ziółkowska: We believe that medicine starts and ends with a patient. Being awarded in Intimacy & Care category is the acknowledgement of hard work of our staff. Care which starts at InviMed with providing patients with the sense of security at each stage of the process and a holistic approach to fertility treatment in terms of our doctors’ professionalism and experience, but also other specialists that will help and support the patients in their fertility journey: psychologists, nutritionists, immunologists and many others. We are proud that our patient-centric model is being recognized not only by our patients, but also by independent jury like EggDonationFriends panel.

EDF: What has changed in InviMed since last year?

Dr Kinga Ziółkowska: InviMed has implemented Ferti Proof™ security system that works with codes assigned to couples diagnosed and treated at the clinic. The unique identifiers contain complete information about the type and stage of the treatment. Ferti Proof™ is also integrated with the cells’ labelling system which ensure complete safety at every step of the treatment, which is very important for the process and, what is more important, to our patients.

We have also introduced new Egg Donation Program with a guarantee that each patient gets minimum 3 high quality embryos from an anonymous donor. If we get less than 3 high quality embryos using the first 12 eggs, we will provide an additional set of 8 eggs, without the Patient having to bear any extra costs related to the embryological procedures until a total of 3 high-quality embryos are created under the Program. It significantly increases the chances of success.

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InviMed Poland

If you are interested in Egg Donation Program guarantees or Ferti Proof™ system at InviMed, contact the English-speaking coordinators via the clinic’s profile.

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