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IVF Stories – The Happiest Honeymoon

At this stage of my life I am a 41 year old married woman and a happy mother to four gorgeous children. A couple of years ago things were a little different as I was a divorced mother to three kids, until I met Mark at my friend’s. After only an hour of chatting it felt like we were two halves of the same whole, perfectly fit to complete each other. Months had passed when Mark moved in and we became one big happy family.

From the start we just knew, without doubt, that we both wanted to feel the joy of becoming a parent again. Unfortunately after 18 months of trying I just couldn’t get pregnant. Medical tests showed that I had a low egg reserve and a low amh (0.04). As we both lived a healthy lifestyle and did loads of sport this surprised me a lot. Even more so, I had no issues or problems getting pregnant three times before. So to increase my chances of becoming a new mother once more I started taking fertility vitamins and 1000mg of Vitamin C.

A few months passed by and the situation had still not improved. It was during my next visit to the doctor that I learned the best chance I had of becoming a mother again was to undergo in­vitro with donor eggs. The doctor explained that the chances of pregnancy with donor eggs were high and convinced us that we should start the treatment immediately.

Mark and I had our doubts though; should we keep trying with my own eggs? Who would the child look like if we used donor eggs? How would they react when they discover how they were brought into this world? When and how should we even begin a discussion about egg donation with our child? Although we had all these questions we still decided that the best option was to use donor eggs, better that than to waste more time as an infertile couple.

Egg Donor Clinic Confusion

Once more we were faced with bad news as we were told that our insurance would not cover in-vitro treatment costs. Even with this bad news we started our search for an egg donor clinic. As with a majority of ladies undertaking this task, most likely, I signed up to some forums and began reading as much information as possible. Whilst looking through forums I came across many stories of successful IVF treatment and they gave me hope that our dreams would come true one day. With this huge flow of information I felt overwhelmed and needed something simple, a site where I could just compare egg donor clinics to find the best one for Mark and I.

One evening as Mark and I were surfing the internet, as usual, Mark suggested we have a look at eggdonationfriends. This was exactly what I was looking for, a tool of which I could use to compare egg donor clinics overseas, see their prices, treatment time and any statistics we would need to make our final decision. At last we found the one for us, a clinic in Spain that we both thought held the best chance. Plus, as an added bonus, I had always wanted to visit Spain.

The IVF treatment with the donor eggs went smoothly and the medical staff were so helpful and friendly it felt like a honeymoon rather than medical treatment.

Finally my IVF story has a happy ending and I am a mother to one more gorgeous child, increasing the size of our family, and my dream has come true. I would honestly recommend IVF treatment with donor eggs to all infertile couples who wish to have another baby. And to all the women who are looking to become a mother through egg donation, I say do it and you will never regret it.

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  1. Congratulations! I was in the same position as you and understand everything you felt. I perfectly remember the period where I was infertile and after two failed IVF treatments I changed to an egg donor clinic in the Czech Republic and finally got pregnant. Now, I can’t wait until I see my baby for the first time.

  2. I am also a mother through egg donation and I am the happiest mom in the world. I’m glad it worked out for you and good luck!

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