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Guaranteed Pregnancy Money Back Programs at Intersono IVF clinic

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Based on experience gathered during many years and in response to the fertility patients looking for affordable IVF, Intersono IVF clinicUkraine, has prepared and implemented Guaranteed Egg Donation Money Back Program. The money back program has been developed to ensure affordable IVF and the most optimal treatment scheduling and arrangement for the patients’ convenience.

This program offers multiple IVF cycles for a fixed price, significant savings and a 50% refund in case a pregnancy is not achieved. The program by Intersono includes up to 3 fresh IVF cycles and unlimited frozen embryo transfers (surplus embryos left from previous fresh IVF cycles) in between each fresh cycle until pregnancy is confirmed or all embryos are used. The Ukrainian clinic’s aim is to give you peace of mind and help you make your dream of having a baby come true.

How does it work?

If a pregnancy is not achieved, 50% of the program total cost will be refunded to the patient. You need to know that pregnancy is determined by the ultrasound examination which will confirm baby`s heartbeat on 6th week of pregnancy – this is very important.

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Intersono Guaranteed Pregnancy Money Back Program includes:

  • Initial consultation with Intersono fertility specialist (personal doctor and medical coordinator who will be in non-stop contact with you during all stages of your treatment. The contact can be in person or online).
  • Personalised treatment planning for each patient.
  • Donor medical and psychological screening, medication, stimulation.
  • Endometrial preparation protocol.
  • Up to 3 donor egg collection procedures with anesthesia.
  • Egg donor compensation.
  • The semen analysis and sperm preparation.
  • Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI).
  • Embryo cul
  • Cryopreservation of embryos.
  • Embryo storage for 16 months.
  • Assisted hatching.
  • Unlimited frozen embryo transfers
  • Sperm freezing and storage for 12 months.
  • Detailed embryological development report and photo of transferred embryos.
  • Assistance with visa applications, hotel and travel arrangements.
  • 2 Airport Transfers and complimentary city tour with a guide.
  • Patient support during and after the treatment program.

Intersono clinic guarantees:

  • unlimited blastocysts transfers;
  • baby heartbeat in 6th week of pregnancy;
  • no egg sharing;
  • no waiting list, individual donor selection.

Cumulative success pregnancy rate with Guaranteed Egg Donation:  

  • 1st embryo transfer – 64%
  • 2nd embryo transfer – 86%
  • 3rd embryo transfer – 97%
  • 4th embryo transfer – 100%

Why does Intersono offer guaranteed pregnancy programs?

  • Because this Ukrainian clinic’s success rates are the highest in Europe: Intersono guarantees 97% CPR on 3rd attempt
  • Because Intersono fertility experts have 15  years of experience in performing IVF
  • Because Intersono boasts proficient and engaged team of fertility specialists, embryologists, genetics who are PhDs and members of ESHRE, ASRM and UARM;
  • Because Intersono offers personalized and friendly treatment to EVERY couple.

Intersono patients can also benefit from PGS in Guaranteed Egg Donation Program. PGS is an IVF procedure designed to examine embryos for chromosomal abnormalities.  Several studies have shown that overall about 50% of human preimplantation embryos from IVF are chromosomally abnormal. The rate of abnormalities is affected greatly by female age. Thanks to the chromosomal screening, the IVF or Egg Donation treatment increases the success rates per embryo transfer and it consequently increases your chances of having a healthy baby.

Advantages of using PGS:​

  • Increased chances of having a healthy baby
  • Sex selection
  • Lower risk of miscarriage
  • Higher success rates: ​the selection of the best embryos through PGS improves the chances of pregnancy after implantation to 70%.

At Intersono, the fertility specialists know it is really important for international patient to communicate in their own native language. The clinic’s international patient team speak: English, Polish, Italian, German, Spanish, French, and Chinese. All patients are supported throughout their entire fertility journey. The staff is available 24/7, ready to offer advice, support, or medical recommendations.

Intersono IVF clinic has been successfully providing multiple options for IVF, egg donation and surrogacy treatment for 15 years. Since then, it has helped the birth of more than 5,000 babies. Intersono is a part of Medicover Group, the largest private healthcare provider in the Central and Eastern Europe with over 3,000 medical staff. Intersono is fully certified IVF clinic: ISO 9001 standards were implemented at Intersono in 2007. See the details, price list and contact the clinic today for affordable egg donation treatment.


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