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PreGen-UR Vistahermosa reproduction unit: transparency, quality and professionalism at lower costs

PreGen IVF Clinic

The good results, the globalization, the information via the Internet and the social networks, or low cost are the main causes that have increased the number of international patients looking for reproductive treatments in Spanish infertility centers, what unites no less important factor as donor anonymity.

PreGen is a specialised team of the Reproduction Unit of the Hospital Clinica Vistahermosa for UK patients.

Why choosing the Reproduction Unit PreGen-UR Vistahermosa? In this article I want to mention the key things that differentiate our center. In addition to quality, comfort, high success rate that characterizes it and the personalised treatment; the center is part of Hospital Clinic UrVistahermosa of Alicante, space that provides greater security in treatments, being located in a coveted geographic point, well known for its white sand beaches and its good weather.

The price of treatments is so competitive that certainly is another differentiator: it is 50% cheaper than in the UK. Note that in processes such as egg donation and in vitro fertilization (IVF) complementary techniques are performed to increase the chances of success which are extremely expensive. I mean the assisted hatching, blastocyst culture, endometrial scratch or Time-lapse, which our center include in the total cost of the performed technique, making it more affordable for our patients.

Being part of a hospital with multidisciplinary care, gives greater guarantees of safety and the patient takes fewer potential risks, especially for those more invasive procedures such as oocyte collection, which requires an anesthetic sedation and greater control. The patient also has a private room with her partner throughout the procedure in cases of in vitro fertilization. PreGen Reproduction Unit includes all these costs in the total price as well as a telephone service 24 hours with native speakers or English speakers to assist the patients.

In the case where the patients need a hotel to stay during their treatment, as with egg donation, we take care of booking in excellent hotels, ensuring the best value for money. Exactly the same with the car transfers from the airport to the city center of Alicante or to your accommodation, if requested. This way you will have a personalised service both in the UK and Spain throughout the process.

A remarkable difference between the UK and Spain is the Egg Donation Program, as our donors are anonymous, thus shielding the confidentiality and future problems. In the case it would be necessary, for any important reason, to locate the donor would not be necessary, because our center has a free DNA bank of donors, for any genetic study at any time.

Specifically in the Egg Donation programs there are some clinics that are currently using frozen eggs for this technique, resulting simpler, but involving a significant drop in the percentage of success. In this regard, I have to say that the best success and fertilization rates are achieved with fresh eggs. This is a more complex procedure because it requires a solid structure to locate donors, perform an adequate screening to them and synchronize them with the endometrial preparation of the recipient, but the results are highly satisfactory.

The Reproduction Unit PreGen-UR Vistahermosa of Alicante has over 35 years of experience in reproductive treatments, performing more than 1,500 annual procedures, in addition to being a university teaching center. To choose us means choosing an attendance and assistance of experts with advanced technology; means choosing transparency, quality and professionalism with lower costs.

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Looking for "best" IVF clinic abroad?
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