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Top 7 Infertility Support Organizations to Follow

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Every fertility journey is different but almost each one involves emotional and often, physical suffering. While there is no simple recipe for fast and painless IVF or egg donation treatment and there are no shortcuts, coping with infertility can be easier if there is help and support available. There are plenty of organisations, patient forums, support groups and websites that offer free or paid assistance for your fertility journey.

In this article we focus solely on organisations that provide help and support in reducing the cost of IVF, finding egg donors, dealing with infertility diagnosis or the roller-coaster of emotions and much more.

You are not alone on your fertility journey

We have selected seven of the top infertility support organizations to follow, organisations that can help you on your fertility journey. The organisations are listed in no particular order; they are UK or USA based or offer their services worldwide.

Donor Conception Network (UK)

The Network is a membership association and a charity registered by the Charity Commission in England and Wales. No matter if you are married, cohabiting, single, separated, divorced, lesbian, gay, transgender, disabled, from a particular religion, you will find a welcome in this organisation. In the Network,  there are about 1,200 heterosexual couples, some considering using donor eggs/sperm. There are also 600 single women who plan to have or already have children on their own through donor conception and a slightly smaller group of lesbian couples and families. The focus is on trying to ensure that the environment in which the children grow up as donor-conceived individuals is the best it can be.

DC Network offers a wide range of activities, events and resources that enable people to contact one another either by phone, email, at a local group meeting, a national conference or a workshop. They offer specialist telephone support to members and non-members. There are many volunteers running local groups for members around the UK.  Donor Conception Network holds two national conferences each year, one in London in the spring and one outside London in the autumn. At the conferences, there’s always the main topic with speakers but also small facilitated discussion groups for members to meet and support each other on particular issues.

Website URL: https://www.dcnetwork.org/

Donot Conception Network

Hope for fertility (USA)

Many of us have heard the statistic: infertility affects one in eight couples in the United States alone. But what is rarely talked about are the new challenges that an infertility diagnosis brings. The challenges come in various shapes and forms, ranging from emotional distress to financial burden. Couples who face infertility are often faced with a difficult choice to either pursue treatments that have a 50/50 chance of success or opt for adoption. Both choices are equally as difficult to follow and equally expensive. One round of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) can cost around $12,000, while adoption can cost $8,000 on average.

hope for fertility

The Hope for Fertility Foundation is a non-profit that aims to aid eligible couples in offsetting the cost of fertility treatments or adoption fees. To help ease the financial burden that infertility inevitably brings. Once a year couples are able to apply for a National Grant, the amount awarded per couple can range anywhere from $250 to $5,000. In their first year as a foundation they were able to award three grants, with a total amount of $14,650.

Hope for Fertility
Chase and Tedi from Hope for Fertility

Hope for Fertility also aims, just like EggDonationFriends, to help spread awareness about infertility, to help break the stigma. They do this by featuring a different couple and their infertility journey on their social media platforms each week, highlighting articles regarding fertility, and so much more.

Website URL: https://www.hopeforfertility.org/

inFertile Life (UK)

inFertile Life was started by Andreia Trigo and its goal is to support couples along their fertility journey. Fertility Canvas by inFertile Life focuses on setting goals, balancing your body and mind, improving your general health, and supporting and motivating infertile couples through the IVF treatment process. InFertile Life concentrates on maximising your chances of getting pregnant and expanding your family.

The patients who decide to use inFertile Life services can benefit from medical and clinical advice, coaching, logotherapy and NLP. If you need 24/7 support, they will be there for you: either through 1on1 coaching, group counselling sessions, fertility events, and much more. Andreia Trigo’s organisation works with Fertility Network UK, the Royal College of Nursing and Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists in the UK.

infertile life

Andreia believes that reproductive health support should be accessible to all, no matter if they are trying to conceive naturally, looking into IVF, surrogacy or adoption or struggling to deal with childlessness. InfertileLife by Andreia helps individuals and couples cope with all these problems by creating a personalised fertility plan. If you feel you need assistance somewhere along your infertility journey, do get in touch with her. With her support and guidance, you can create perspective and find balance in your life.

The longer you wait for something the more you’ll appreciate it when you get it. Because anything worth having is worth waiting for.

Website URL: https://www.infertile-life.com/

Fertility Network UK

If you live in the UK, it is impossible not to know Fertility Network UK. With organisations like this, you are not alone in your infertility struggle.

Fertility Network UK is Britain’s leading charity that focuses on fertility patients. It provides free, impartial practical and emotional support, advice and understanding throughout your journey to parenthood. The charity is present on all social media channels and also concentrates on rising fertility awareness and its impact on individuals, families, and society. The organisation also campaigns for the fair provision of NHS fertility treatments throughout the UK which is especially important in the light of the NHS limiting access funded IVF for infertile couples.

fertility network uk

If you are at a point in your life where you:

  • are starting to think about your future fertility or ways of preserving it,
  • are trying to conceive naturally or with the help of IUI/IVF,
  • are searching for information on NHS-funded IVF treatment,
  • have experienced a failed cycle or
  • wish to pursue adoption,

then the Fertility Network UK website is the right place to be. After you contact the charity, you can count on unbiased advice and guidance on your fertility journey and your potential options. Are you curious to read real fertility stories? Check the Your Stories section and find out how other women and men have coped with their fertility challenges. Seeing that you are not alone in your struggle may be of great assistance in terms of dealing with them.

Fertility Network understands how infertility can affect people’s private and professional lives. It can also have an impact on family and friends. This is an important point to understand. For those who struggle with negative thoughts, there is a Support Line that you can call and chat with Diane.

Fertility Network believes fertility issues do not have to be an isolating experience. If you live in the UK, you can join a fertility group in your area where you can meet with other fertility warriors either face-to-face or online.

Website URL: http://fertilitynetworkuk.org/

Resolve.org (USA)

RESOLVE has been created to help improve the lives of women and men diagnosed with infertility. Their mission is to provide free support to people who need it. Resolve.org strongly advocates for better and more widespread access to fertility treatments and other family building options. The organisation aims to reduce the stigma of infertility which, unfortunately, is still present in certain societies. This is approached through education and providing reliable resources that help empower American men and women dealing with the disease of infertility and help them find resolution and take control over their journey to parenthood.

How to use Resolve? Search for a topic you are interested in, to find educational resources and support.

Website URL: https://resolve.org/

Brilliant Beginnings (UK & USA)

Brilliant Beginnings focuses solely on surrogacy. Founded in 2013 it is Britain’s first non-profit surrogacy agency that offers professionally-staffed surrogacy services for intended parents and surrogates. Brilliant Beginnings supports future parents undergoing the gestational surrogacy process in the UK. They are based in the UK and fall under British legal jurisdiction. This non-profit organisation can also help you if you are looking into surrogacy in the USA or abroad. Their work has been recognised by The Times and British Vogue.

Brilliant Beginnings (image credit to Brilliant Beginnings)

Brilliant Beginnings works closely with NGA Law that deals with the legalities regarding fertility and both have contributed to creating more than 800 happy families and shaping British law on surrogacy. If you are looking for a unique perspective on how surrogacy works, Brilliant Beginnings is the right place to ask.

With Brilliant Beginnings your surrogacy journey can be easily and responsibly managed so both the intended parents and the surrogate feel safe, taken care of and proud of the new family they are creating.

Website URL: https://www.brilliantbeginnings.co.uk/

Pride Angel (worldwide)

The story of Pride Angel goes back to 2009 when this project was started by Erika and Karen. The website helps you find suitable egg and/or sperm donors and become parents via IVF. If you decide to use Pride Angel services, you can also benefit from infertility support, health screening and legal advice regarding regulations on co-parenting.

Karen and Erika from Pride Angel (image credit to Pride Angel)

The founders, Erika and Karen, professionals who decided to use donor sperm and have a baby within a same-sex relationship. Pride Angel, their online baby, takes pride in supporting single, homosexual and infertile couples in their efforts to become parents via donor conception and co-parenting. Check their website if you are looking for sperm donors, oocyte donors, and co-parents worldwide.

Website URL: https://www.prideangel.com/

Your Fertility (Australia)

Your Fertility is an Australian public education programme funded by the Australian Government Department of Health and the Victorian Government Department of Health and Human Services.

Your Fertility provides much-needed information about fertility options for women, men, trans and gender diverse people so that they can make optimal decisions about expanding their family, taking into account their unique circumstances.

If you browse their website, you will be able to access the most up to date information about your fertility options and ways to improve your chance of having a baby. The website utilises the most current scientific and medical research by fertility experts to bring you news, fact sheets, interactive tools and much more to help you get pregnant.

If you have just started thinking of having a baby and you love real stories by real people, you can also watch personal stories and videos from experts. Your Fertility is an online place for you, no matter if you live in Australia or not.

Website URL: https://www.yourfertility.org.au/


In this article, we have included some of the best organizations that provide fertility help and infertility support. We do hope that dealing with infertility will be easier if you decide to seek support through these organisations. We totally recommend them! Stay tuned for more articles on the best fertility blogs, magazines, and forums. Also, check the Top 10 IVF Blogs to Follow.

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