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Certificate of Compliance COVID-19 safe by Temos International

COVID-19 safe clinics – minimizing the risk of transmission in IVF centers

As you know, EggDonationFriends.com advocates for total transparency in communication and treatment among fertility clinics. We also support those IVF clinics that present the highest standards of patient care and treatment. That is why we have partnered with Temos International Healthcare Accreditation that helps hospitals, clinics and medical travel coordinators …

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Greece – fertility destination 2021

Greece as a fertility destination Traveling cross-border for fertility treatment has been an increasing activity and although COVID-19 has caused a number of restrictions and limitations, patients are crossing borders to get their fertility treatment. Studies show that the prime reasons for cross-border fertility treatment is the lack of availability …

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Fertility treatment in Greece

Greece is one of the top destinations for fertility treatment in Europe. Most clinics are located in the biggest cities: Athens and Thessaloniki. In this article we share interesting facts about Greece as a destination for treatment, so you make an informed decision about your fertility journey. Fertility regulations & …

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