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Egg Donation Journey: Free IVF Cycle – the Winners

free ivf cycle

In May 2017 Egg Donation Friends organised a competition where our readers could win free egg donation in Spain. Today, we are presenting you the lucky couple who won a free egg donation treatment with the IVF Spain fertility specialists.

The campaign was extremely popular with fertility patients from all over Europe, especially with British female patients who cannot get free IVF under NHS. Some of applicants who were were just starting their fertility journey or undergoing IVF at 40 and some of them were looking into changing their clinic and trying again. Campaigns like this not only allow the one lucky couple to benefit from free egg donation in Spain but also open doors for others who would like to try their chances next year.

Egg donation – Spain: success rates

IVF Spain has been in collaboration with Egg Donation Friends since 2014. Thanks to that many fertility patients got a chance to learn more about IVF Spain’s high IVF success rates (92.6% TÜV certified), excellent egg donation programs and read their egg donation success stories. The clinic actually won two of the 2016 IVF Awards: one for its PGS/PGD programme, and one for its egg donation programme. Furthermore, Spain has been one of the leaders in reproductive technology for many years and still is a favourite medical tourism destination for many couples.

Free IVF cycle and personalised patient care

More than a hundred applications have been submitted by couples through the online form in this first edition of Egg Donation Journey. All of them needed free IVF cycle to relieve their finances and finally make their dream come true. Having to choose only one infertile couple was really difficult for the clinic’s team as there are many patients out there who need help and must rely on reproductive medicine to conceive a healthy baby. However, the medical committee from IVF Spain gathered in July to study each submitted case in depth and Eline & Leon were the chosen ones. Congratulations to the couple!

First IVF consultation in Spain

The key moment of the first consultation: the Dutch couple has already visited IVF Spain premises in September 2017 for their free IVF consultation to start their fertility treatment. During their stay they had their first consultation with Dr. Álvarez, gynaecologist specialised in fertility who will guide them throughout the whole process towards fulfilling their dream of creating a family.

Meeting the entire team, visiting the clinic, talking and deciding on your treatment together with your doctor, receiving all the detailed information as well as proceeding to the needed tests directly at the clinic, all in one day, in your own language, is key before even starting any medical treatment. This is why this 3-hour first consultation on site is so important. In their case, Eline and Leon already knew they needed egg donation but it is not always that clear for the patients before this first visit. The clinic also proceeded to an advanced spermogram to find out if there was a masculine issue. At the end of the visit, the couple left IVF Spain with personalised medical plan with daily instructions and the corresponding medication receipt.

For IVF Spain every patient is unique

IVF Spain will support Eline and Leon at all times during their egg donation journey and offer them the best patient care and services: doctors’ experience and expertise, together with high pregnancy success rates and personalised attention that distinguish the clinic.

EggDonationFriends wish good luck to Eline and Leon!

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