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IVF Media Ltd recognised with IMTJ Medical Travel Award 2020!

IVF Media Ltd recognised with IMTJ Medical Travel Award 2020!

We are happy and proud to announce that IVF Media Ltd. has won the prestigious IMTJ Medical Travel Award 2020 for ‘Best marketing initiative’, presented by the International Medical Travel Journal (IMTJ) for our #IVFWEBINARS.

The aim of IMTJ Medical Travel Awards is to provide insight into the medical travel and medical tourism sector worldwide while celebrating innovation and excellence. The submitted entries come from clinics, hospitals, hospital groups, medical travel agencies, healthcare clusters as well as national or regional medical tourism boards and they relate to a single campaign, initiative or the overall marketing activity on behalf of the organisation. The entries are studied by a panel of 20 expert international judges, chosen for their experience in the medical travel and health sector.

Best Marketing Initiative Winner - MyIVFanswers

In order to justify the recognition for our company, the IMTJ Medical Travel Awards Judge said that #IVFWEBINARS is a “great way of introducing the extremely delicate topic of fertility to an audience”. And, in fact, we couldn’t agree more. It summarises our work and intentions in the best possible way.

#IVFWEBINARS, launched in 2018, is today the world’s largest video project that helps IVF patients from around the globe. From the beginning, our goal was to enable patients to choose the best IVF clinic for their treatment abroad. We wanted to make it possible through the use of live events conducted by fertility experts from the most acclaimed IVF clinics in Europe. Thanks to #IVFWEBINARS, patients can not only get to know the experts and their experience without leaving home, but they can also get answers to their individual questions and broaden their knowledge in (sometimes very niche!) topics correlated directly with their health issues. We wanted to bring patients’ attention away from clinics’ prices and advertised success rates (which may be often misleading) and back to the core of the problem – namely, with whom and how can they solve their problem most effectively.

Throughout the past years, we implemented changes based on the feedback gained from users and experts. This resulted in many positive ratings and comments. As #IVFWEBINARS turned out to be a success, we decided to move it to a new platform – myIVFanswers.com. At the moment when we are writing this article, our platform provides patients with free access to 227 recorded videos and 4,340 questions answered by 151 top IVF experts. And these numbers are still growing!

We really hope that MyIVFAnswers.com will continue to help all the fertility patients settle their most bothersome IVF questions – no matter at which stage of IVF treatment they currently are. The recognitions such as IMTJ Medical Travel Awards only make us confident that the path we have chosen is the right one. We will do our best to respond to fertility patient’s queries efficiently and reliably so that they can have full faith and confidence in the decisions they are taking.

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