A few months of gathering the data from ministries of health and health institutions from the whole Europe, analysing national legislations and guidelines for IVF treatment and preparing answers to fertility patients’ most commonly asked questions – and here it is!

We proudly announce the launch of our IVF ABROAD – PATIENT’S GUIDE. It is the first online publication that delivers extensive information on all the Dos, Don’ts and What-Ifs related to fertility treatment in a foreign country – and does it in a compact and useful way.

From now on, IVF ABROAD – PATIENT’S GUIDE is available to all of you at whereivf.com. Go to the website, download it and use it as a helpful road map in planning your own international fertility journey.

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What’s in the Guide?

What can you find in our Guide? First of all, let’s focus on what you will NOT find in it, for sure. You won’t find there any ads of IVF clinics, not even the most reliable and recommended ones. Why? Because we have decided to present the European IVF world in an objective and realistic way. And that means completely independent of fertility clinics. This is probably the most important lesson we want to teach you by means of our Guide and it goes as follows: do not get lured by clinics’ success rates and promised price bargains! Be suspicious and inquisitive and ask a lot of questions.

In fact, we created the Guide with patients’ most common inquiries and needs in mind. We show you how the IVF reality looks like from a legal and a medical point of view. We focus on the countries regarded as best IVF destinations in Europe: Spain, Czech Republic, North Cyprus, Greece, Ukraine, Poland, Russia and Latvia. We have analysed them in terms of IVF law, regulations and restrictions. We also provide you with an extensive comparison of IVF success rates (own eggs/donor eggs) and costs as well as the information on egg donor qualification processes and availability.

These 8 mentioned countries are most willingly chosen by intended parents from all over the world. However, the truth is that in none of them the pros always outweigh the cons. Unfortunately, deciding on the most popular IVF destination is rarely the guarantee of safe and satisfactory treatment.


So let’s be honest: are there any guarantees at all? Well, the main aim of our Guide is to teach you that the only guarantee is your own knowledge and obligatory thorough research prior to the treatment. Because, once again, it turns out that the reality is far away from beautiful visions presented in IVF clinics’ marketing folders.

We hope that thanks to our Guide, you will be approaching top fertility destinations with limited trust and an increased understanding of IVF procedures. We teach you what to pay attention to when contacting medical units and ministries of health, what to ask them about and how to approach the data they present. We also show you where to look for a trusted source of information about fertility treatment options in a given country – in case there is any. Last but not least, we also share with you our own experience with collecting information for this Guide. We hope it may serve as an encouragement or, on the contrary, as a warning in your own search.

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We perfectly understand that going abroad for IVF is one of the most important decisions in your life. That is why we whole-heartedly advise you to download our IVF ABROAD – PATIENT’S GUIDE. Read it through and be prepared for all possible IVF treatment scenarios in various destinations.

We wish you a pleasant and informative read!

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