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IVF AWARD 2016: Assisting Nature Greece – Innovations

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Assisting Nature is a modern fertility clinic based in Greece (Thessaloniki) with 75% average success rate and 750+ performed IVF cycles a year. The clinic offers a wide range of fertility treatments including surrogacy and IVF treatment not only for married couples but also for single women or same sex parents.

Why should you visit Assisting Nature?

This fertility clinic from Greece is extremely popular not only with Greek patients but also with international patients looking for a solution to their infertility. Most of the patients come from Europe:

  • Italy – 40%,
  • UK – 10%,
  • France – 10%,
  • Germany – 10%,
  • Albania – 15%,
  • Poland – 5%,
  • Serbia – 5%,
  • United Arab Emirates – 5%.

Surprised? You shouldn’t be. The standard language used during fertility treatments at Assisting Nature is English. Upon patient’s request the clinic’s staff can also communicate in one of the European languages. The Greek clinic has English, French, Albanian, Italian and Polish speaking fertility doctors and international coordinators who are often native speakers of German, Italian, Serbian or English.

As you could read above, the clinic’s average success rate is 75%. Assisting Nature has a Quality Management System established with independent staff group, led by QMS Director. The Greek IVF clinic operates in compliance with ISO9001 and 15224 accreditation.

Why Greece? Greece is an A-class IVF clinic with very high European standards, experienced and renowned fertility specialists and the highest quality of egg donors. Apart from that Greece makes a perfect medical tourism destination with its mild climate, wonderful views and cuisine and warm sea until late October. The success rates in Greece are definitely higher compared to the clinics on the European IVF market.

Why EggDonationFriends decided to award Assisting Nature?

Egg Donation Friends have decided that IVF AWARD 2016 for Innovations would go to Assisting Nature because of the clinic staff’s constant professional development and ongoing search for innovative solutions in fertility. The entire clinic’s staff have worked at the renowned international universities and they are reputable members of many medical fertility-related communities. The embryologists’ research and findings are often published in medical journals and Assisting Nature’s specialists are often invited to give talks on contemporary IVF treatment methods.

Some of the innovative solutions at Assisting Nature include: Intrauterine Insemination (IUI), natural cycle IVF, intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) or  intracytoplasmic morphologically-selected sperm injection (IMSI), time-lapse embryo-culture, blastocyst culture, micro-TESE and Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD).

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EggDonationFriends have interviewed Dr. Robert Najdecki from Assisting Nature:

Why did you take part in IVF Awards 2016?

Having worked with Egg Donation Friends we realized how important it is to be a highly recognizable IVF clinic. However, we are aware that the clinic’s status should not only be maintained by marketing activity, ads or a professional, user-friendly website – the real value is to show patients who we really are: fertility professionalists who care about their patients.

Giving international fertility clinics the opportunity to compete with each other in a few categories, Egg Donation Friends have motivated the IVF market to work harder, be better and more effective. It seems like the IVF market has found a secret formula that helps doctors and clinics to turn their ambitions into top-notch patient care with great success rates.

What does it mean to you to win the IVF AWARD in the Innovations category?

Having won the Innovations IVF AWARD 2016 makes the staff at Assisting Nature extremely happy and proud. It means that the plans of Assisting Nature’s doctors have turned into the right actions which then have been implemented in the right way. The IVF AWARD 2016 gives the clinic motivation to further develop innovative solutions and processes that will make the clinic’s treatments even more effective in the future and help us provide our patients with an even better customer service experience.

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