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IVF AWARD 2016: Ferticentro – Intimacy & Care Award


Ferticentro IVF clinic is a fertility clinic from Portugal. It is located in beautiful Coimbra and is one of the best equipped and advanced IVF treatment hospitals in Iberia region. Ferticentro has over 15 years of experience in both fresh and frozen egg donation cycles (6 eggs guaranteed) and its average success rate is impressive 65%. EggDonationFriends have awarded the clinic IVF AWARD 2016 for Intimacy & Care.

fertility clinic portugal Ferticentro

Why should you consider Ferticentro for your IVF treatment?

What is important for patients, this Portugal fertility clinic offers IVF without age limits for men and women, single women and same-sex parents. The clinic’s doctors specialise in the most difficult cases. This fertility clinic from Portugal offers logistic support for couples who come from abroad. The staff will be glad to assist you in airport or hotel transfer or help you arrange hotel accommodation in Portugal.

Fertility specialists at Ferticentro IVF clinic know that every fertility patient is different. They carefully design individual treatment plans which match the patients’ needs. This modern fertility clinic from Portugal uses RFID tracking system which guarantees quality and safety for the patients. This system allows for total traceability for all samples taken. The clinic’s staff knows which member of staff processed each and every sample. Also, the system gathers data on where and how the samples were processed and stored. Everything to make sure the patients feel in safe hands.

The fertility doctors at Ferticentro are very supportive: if you are a patient at the clinic, you can have your doctor and nurse’s mobile phone numbers. If you feel there is something wrong or you need their urgent advice, the Ferticentro team is always there for you, even if your IVF treatment fails. All your IVF procedures are kept under strict medical secrecy.

EggDonationFriends asked the clinic two questions:

Why did Ferticentro take part in IVF Awards 2016?

When Ferticentro received their first award from EggDonationFriends, IVF AWARD 2015, the entire Ferticentro team felt that their effort and dedication was acknowledged and recognized. This year, Ferticentro decided to apply in the same category (“Intimacy and Care”) because the clinic’s fertility experts believe that IVF AWARD 2016 is one of the best ways to validate the quality of the clinic’s services.

ivf award 2016

What does it mean to you to win IVF AWARD in the “Intimacy & Care” category?

The specialists at Ferticentro know that behind each patient case there is a touching story and that every patient who comes to the clinic has already gone through a long journey to become a parent.
This is why this award “Intimacy and Care 2016” made the whole Ferticentro team proud and very pleased. It is a recognition of the quality, attention, and commitment of the personnel. IVF AWARD 2016 make a difference in people’s lives.

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Before you make your final decision on where to have your egg donation treatment, book a no-obligation Skype consultation with Ferticentro specialists. You will be able to ask the right questions and discuss your case with the clinic.

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