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IVF AWARD 2016: Barcelona IVF – Customer Service & Communications

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Barcelona IVF, the fertility clinic from Spain, was established in 2010 and employs 6 biologists, 6 fertility doctors, 11 midwives/nurses and 12 members of customer service staff. The clinic features one operating theatre, well-equipped laboratory and a recovery room for international patients. Barcelona IVF is a popular fertility destination for many foreign patients. Did you know that 49% of the clinic’s patients come from abroad?

Why EggDonationFriends awarded Barcelona IVF?

Barcelona IVF has received IVF AWARD 2016 in the category of Customer Service & Communications. Why this category? There are two reasons which EggDonationFriends awarded the clinic in this exact category:

Excellent customer service & communications
The clinic has developed a special program that tracks all the patients’ e-mails and automatically stores them in their doctors’ account. This enables immediate patient-doctor communication. 95% of patients’ e-mails are answered within 24 hours of receiving them.

At Barcelona IVF every patient will always be treated by the same doctor. This Spanish clinic offers personalized attention 24 hours, 365 days a year. Patients can communicate with their doctors 24/7 and in case their doctor is on holiday or sick leave, there is another specialist assigned as responsible. The fertility doctors speak English fluently and other members of the team speak German, Italian, Czech and German.

Personalized treatment
Barcelona IVF specializes in offering the most individualised treatment. Patients are assigned to a particular Patient Assistant who keeps track of your entire treatment including various stages, as well as finances, logistics and any emergencies that might occur. The role of Patient Assistant is to make sure you, the patient, receive all the medical information necessary and offer help in special cases, for example semen sample transport (sample shipping from another country to the clinic).

EggDonationFriends have asked Barcelona IVF two questions:

Why did Barcelona IVF take part in IVF AWARD 2016?

The clinic’s staff was keen to participate in IVF AWARD 2016 which engaged the best fertility centres in Europe. Egg donation market is growing quickly all around the globe and Barcelona IVF would like international patients to know the clinic’s services and treatments are of very high standards.

What does it mean to Barcelona IVF to win the award in your category?

Barcelona IVF’s fertility specialists are very pleased to have been selected as the clinic with the best customer service and communications. This is our key objective: to treat each patient with care from the beginning till the end. The clinic even offers personalised support for patients from an exclusive doctor and patient assistant who will look after the patient throughout their entire treatment. IVF AWARD 2016 motivates the entire team to continue being best at what we do.

ivf media award 2016

Contact Barcelona IVF

To see more about the clinic, click on the complete Barcelona IVF profile. You can contact the clinic via the online form, and the clinic’s representative will contact you as soon as possible. You save plenty of time. If you have been the clinic’s patient, do not forget to leave a clinic review. EggDonationFriends are sure it will helpful for other patients like you.

This is the article about the last of this year’s winners of IVF AWARD. We hope that all articles and clinics’ profiles were highly informative to you. Now you know what fertility clinics in Europe can offer. If you still hesitate about which clinic to choose, let us help you in the process. Complete the Clinic Matching Test and enter your preferred options, e.g. destination – Spain, and we will send you 3 suggestions of the best fertility clinics. It’s free & simple!

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