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Does lifestyle affect fertility? Find out if you are planning to become a parent

Invimed lifestyle and fertility

Lifestyle has a major impact on our general health, including on fertility. The things we eat and the way in which we cope with stressful situations and in which we rest have a long-term impact on our health. Therefore, eat a carrot instead of crisps and do not sit in front of a television. Take your dog for a walk instead!

Our fertility is affected by many factors. We have no influence on some of them, including for instance on some diseases. Hormonal imbalance and autoimmunological disorders, endometriosis or Fallopian tube obstruction in women are barriers to conceiving a child, which have to be overcome with the help of a physician. However, we often have an influence on many other things. If you plan to have a child, take to heart the following several guidelines:

Ask Santa for a scale

You will look better and be healthier if you lose weight. The investment will pay off quickly and you will both look and feel great. Bear in mind that any deviations from normal weight have a negative impact on fertility. Excessive dieting is also not beneficial to our health. Inappropriate body weight results in ovulatory disturbance and lower quality of semen, which impairs chances of pregnancy.

Choose a carrot instead of crisps

Make a list of the things that you eat during the entire week. Then analyze it. Think about what you can cut out of your diet and what you can replace with healthier meals and snacks. Introduce necessary changes to your diet and, if necessary, take supplements containing vitamin E, selenium, zinc, B vitamins and vitamin C. Vitamin products for women should contain folic acid, which prevents nervous system defects in the fetus.

Be a lark…

You do not have to sing beautifully. You only should stop burning the midnight oil and go to bed at fixed times, at least an hour earlier than you usually do. You will feel completely different in the morning, even if you are very busy during the day. You will feel great if you get up early in the morning. Sleep effectively regenerates your body and helps reduce stress, which may make it more difficult to conceive a child.

… and an oasis of peace

Bear in mind that it is not worth damaging your health because of the things that usually get on your nerves. Make a cold calculation and try to be above it. Calm down and find your own method of relaxing. Yoga is not for everyone. You may find that it is cooking that calms you down. It would be both useful and pleasant.

Practice sport instead of just watching it on television

Do you love sports? Yes! You are a supporter after all. There is nothing better than to watch a game sitting on a couch! You can invite your friends to watch it with you and order a big pizza. But what does it have to do with sports? Nothing. It is better to assemble a team and organize a match!

Regular exercise not only makes you less prone to diseases but also improves performance and strengthens your immune system.

Do not poison yourself

Stop using stimulants. You can live a nice life without them. If you have difficulty giving up your addiction, start saving for something. Put the saved money in a piggy bank and buy something you dream of, something that you would otherwise not be willing to spend money on. As far as alcohol is concerned, well… treat yourself to a little luxury and drive to meetings with your friends. It will make it easier for you to return home and, first and foremost, allow you to become a parent faster.

Remember that while your beauty will not fade, your youth will pass away

The times we live in necessitate a certain lifestyle. Today, we are more willing to travel and fulfil our professional ambitions. Currently, more women postpone having children than before, because they want to study and develop just like men, to which they are entitled. However, you have to be aware of the consequences of your decisions. Women’s fertility decreases significantly already after the age of 35. Women over the age of 40 have even smaller chances of getting pregnant. Men’s fertility, too, decreases with age, as their sperm cells age very much like the entire body. The older the reproductive cells, the smaller the chances of fertilization. Even though you look and feel great, you may have fertility problems.

Therefore, take care of yourself and try to make sure that your lifestyle does not prevent you from fulfilling your biggest dreams. And if some problems arise, cross that bridge when you come to it. See a specialist and do all the recommended tests. They will show what causes the problems and, if necessary, will help choose an appropriate, individual treatment regime. Modern medicine offers many possibilities, even in very difficult cases.

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