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100% Pregnancy and Birth Guarantee – is it possible during these uncertain times?

Instituto Bernabeu

Going through IVF or egg donation treatment under normal circumstances can be, to put it mildly, a challenge, both mentally and physically. It’s an often-heavy process but, now, during the pandemic IVF with donor eggs abroad could be even harder, but it does not have to be.  The COVID-19 times have remained challenging and resulted in many changes in how fertility clinics provide patient care and treatments. We believe that the current global situation should not stop women, men, and couples from pursuing their dream of having a baby and building a family. However, patients’ safety and their IVF success should still be the first priority for clinics.

In 2014 Instituto Bernabeu became Europe’s pioneer clinic in offering a guarantee for assisted reproduction treatments ending in a baby’s birth. Today the clinic still maintains that commitment to give patients confidence, especially now, in the times of uncertainty caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

100% Pregnancy and Birth Guarantee at Instituto Bernabeu

The Pregnancy and Birth Guarantee program aim is to give peace of mind to couples who do not achieve pregnancy naturally. And only the confidence in an impeccable work and in its excellent result allows taking that step ahead of maximum confidence in the result. The clinic is 100% committed to the patient and offers the assurance of refunding the full amount paid if pregnancy and birth are not achieved. Instituto Bernabeu’s goal is to eliminate the risk and fear of failure that unsettle patients. This is achieved only with medical excellence, personalization of treatments and closeness in treatment.

The Guarantee Program includes all needs of assisted reproduction treatment applying the most advanced techniques so the patient can be sure their case is fully addressed. And all this with the peace of mind that there will be no financial surprises because there are no additional expenses.

What is included in a guarantee programme?

Each patient has a pregnancy guarantee program that best suits their needs. The clinic offers the Egg Donation Pregnancy Guarantee, which includes three IVF treatments with donated eggs and all the cryotransfer of obtained embryos. The IVF and Egg Donation Combined Pregnancy Program, which allows you to combine the first treatment with your own egg and two subsequent ones with egg donation and all your frozen embryo transfers. The Guarantee Pregnancy programme for Embryo adoption, which includes three embryo adoption transfer treatments. The combined IVF and Embryo adoption pregnancy guarantee, with the first treatment with your own egg and three embryo adoption cycles. The Double Donation Pregnancy Guarantee, which includes three IVF treatments with donated eggs and sperm. And the peace of mind that the donor selection processes are rigorous and complete with psychological and medical tests.

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Finally, the ROPA Guarantee for female couples. The ROPA method allows one of them to be the gestating mother and the other will provide her eggs. It comprises three cycles of in vitro fertilization with the couple’s eggs and sperm from the bank sperm. In turn, the IVF ROPA and embryo adoption Program allows the lesbian couple to seek pregnancy with their own eggs and offers the opportunity to resort to embryo adoption if the first cycle has not been successfully completed.

For more than 3 decades, couples from 67 countries have placed their trust in Instituto Bernabeu. And today, the main clinic in Alicante is joined by those in Madrid, Mallorca, Albacete, Cartagena, Elche, Benidorm and its first clinic outside of Spain in Venice, Italy. If you decide to go ahead with the guarantee program at Instituto Bernabeu, you can benefit from the support of multidisciplinary team, along with gynaecologists, biologists, professionals from different fields such as endocrinology, urology, pharmacy, genetics and biochemistry. Good luck – we do hope these uncertain times will not stand in the way of your dreams!

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