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Egg Donation Journey with IVF-Spain

Thank you for taking part in the Egg Donation Journey competition! The contest is now closed. We will announce the winner on our social media (Facebook) and on our page.

[the competition ended on 18.06.2017 at 00:00] EggDonationFriends are always there when you need us! We are aware that treating infertility is an arduous journey for many couples and that sometimes they simply need help. We are here for you offering you various tools and reports to help you choose the best fertility clinic for your needs. This decision should not be rushed but, at least, it can be easy to make with EggDonationFriends’ help! This month, together with IVF-Spain, we are offering you a chance to win a FREE fertility treatment in Spain worth EUR 9,900.

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Benefit from free egg donation program in Spain

Spring means new beginnings! Flowers bloom, animals awaken and the natural life thrives. That is why this May EggDonationFriends and IVF-Spain, a clinic from Alicante, teamed up to offer you a chance to win a free egg donation program in Spain! One lucky couple will benefit from completely free treatment at IVF-Spain.

The Spanish fertility clinic does not only offer high success rate IVF treatment (92.6% TÜV certified) but also the right environment and facilities to promote patients’ emotional and psychological well-being. IVF-Spain guarantees:

  1. Exclusive donor. All eggs retrieved from the donor are fertilized.
  2. 3 embryos on day 5. 3 blastocysts on day 5 are guaranteed. If not, free stimulation of the exclusive donor will be carried out.
  3. No waiting list. There is no waiting list at IVF-Spain. There are more than 500 donors with proven fertility who are always available.

The IVF-Spain representative says: “Our fertility experts understand that each patient is different and that is why we take the time to consider all possible solutions and we take into account your medical history before we hand out a personalised treatment plan in your own language. Treatment is not solely about physical intervention and implementing cutting edge technology – we also dedicate special attention to ensure an environment and facilities that guarantee the emotional and psychological well-being of all of our patients. At IVF Spain we care for you.”

What is included in the treatment package?

  • First visit and on-line follow up
  • Individual matching with a single donor
  • Phenotypic matching
  • Recombine® donor testing
  • Guarantee of 3 blastocysts
  • Sperm capacitation
  • ICSI/IVF/PICSI/IMSI fertilisation technique
  • Transfering embryo, preferably at blastocyst stage

Read further about the clinic’s offer here.

How to take part in the competition?  Fill in the online form below – between 22nd May and 18th June and you will be automatically entered in the competition. Terms & Conditions apply.

ivf spain clinic

IVF-Spain clinic in Alicante

IVF – why Spain?

If you are unsure yet if Spain is the best destination for you, check the popular choices of other fertility patients worldwide. Spain is one of them! The more patients visit the IVF clinics at a given destination, the higher the reputation of those clinics. Did you know that the vast majority of patients in European fertility clinics are foreign patients like you? Go to 9 most popular destinations – IVF Egg donation abroad  and watch the video.

It’s all about success

EggDonationFriends know that the primary deciding factor for you is the clinic’s success rate. Did you know that clinics’ methods of presenting the statistics for egg donor program success rates vary greatly? Were you aware that during the 2nd IVF attempt your chances considerably grow? Read 7 facts about egg donation success rates – the truth clinics don’t tell you before you start your fertility journey.

However, if you think a free program is not an option for you and you’re still searching for options, we can help as well. EggDonationFriends offer you a unique and free tool thanks to which you can choose an IVF clinic from the comfort of your home and with a few clicks on your keyboard. You do not have to make countless phone calls abroad and speak to numerous clinics’ consultants. Try EggDonationFriends’ Clinic Matching Test! Simply fill in an online form specifying some basic but necessary data such as your age, your and your partner’s diagnosis (if you have been diagnosed), preferred egg donor race and preferred destination for your treatment. Do not forget to leave your name, your phone number and e-mail address – this is the only way the IVF clinics can effectively contact you. After completing free Clinic Matching Test you will get 3 best offers from top rated IVF clinics and you will be able to download 19 free reports worth EUR 190Best IVF Clinics Rating.

Ask questions

The 3 suggested fertility clinics will contact you with their offer and details. So keep checking your inbox! Now it is time to ask questions. Yes! Feel free to ask the clinics as many questions as you wish. Feeling well-informed and understanding the clinic’s procedures will make you feel comfortable, calm and well-prepared. Get some inspiration from 7 questions to ask fertility clinics before egg donation treatment.

If you know anyone who is looking for IVF egg donation treatment in Europe, share the article with them. Good luck!



  1. Hi is there any chance me and my husband can still enter the competition? We didn’t realise there are competitions for this and are financially struggling to pay for fertility treatment. I was diagnosed with premature menopause. This would help us make our dreams come true.

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